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Guilt-Gone Girl

Because I decided I would no longer drive in bad weather, I have essentially been a shut-in here in Connecticut for the last four weeks. And that means I did not get to the store to buy a Valentine’s Day card. I did have some chocolate-covered strawberries delivered, but I thought for sure I would …

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Part-Time Perfection

As I prepare for retirement, my company has agreed (to my great pleasure) that we should have a long, smooth transition. When they identify my successor, I will gradually reduce my hours and work part-time for as long it’s mutually beneficial for the company and me. How perfect is that? I can just ease myself …

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Just When You’re Ready To Strangle Them

A couple of nights ago, we were having dinner with some old friends. My husband has spent weeks under his classic car trying to get it ready for an upcoming show.  So Friend-Hubby volunteered to help. “That would be friggin’ great!” said Hubby enthusiastically. (I thought for a moment he might cry.) “I can come …

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Happy Mother’s Day (Once Removed)

I’ve long had bittersweet feelings for Mother’s Day. On one hand, my mother is my favorite person in the whole world. (Sorry, Hubby, but it’s true.) But the biggest regret of my life is that I never had children. I married late in life and it just never happened. For many years I thought my …

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A Helping Hand

Ah, Husbands. Their contributions to blogging are never-ending. Just yesterday, I wrote so sincerely about the sweet decency of the man. (“My Husband Secures His Spot In Heaven”) Yes, he is heaven-bound. He is a saint. An annoying saint. Yesterday, I also said I would be back to laughing at his eccentricities today. And I figured that …

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My Husband Secures His Spot In Heaven

Today is my wedding anniversary. Twenty-two years ago – (to the disbelief of my family who had given up all hope) – and to my own surprise as well – I walked down the aisle of a pretty church and married a sweet crazy person. And I am still surprised (and happy and thankful and …

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My Man

The day after the wedding I attended in St. Lucia, we were literally knee-deep in mud (at the volcano) when the bride started a sentence with “My husband….”  She stopped mid-sentence and said, “That sounds weird.” If she thought it was weird in her mid-twenties, think about how weird it was for me – marrying …

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I’m jealous of my husband. Not jealous OVER my husband. Although I guess I would if he had a girlfriend. I guess. Maybe I would. I definitely would. Eventually. And I’m not jealous because he’s a MAN. No, I never wanted to be a man. As Elaine Benes said, “I don’t know how you guys …

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The Dishwashing Experience

The phenomenon of “Dishpan Diarrhea” really seemed to strike a chord with many readers. (which I’ll admit is a strange metaphor, but who’s to say that diarrhea is not melodic?) But I digress. Since so many of you could relate to dish-washing avoidance, I figured I could milk the idea expound on the subject for one …

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The Perils of a Long Marriage

A while ago, I started to recognize the symptoms that I have been married a long time. I am beginning to sound like my husband. Like when I said to the salesman at the kitchen shop, “I might be tempted to buy this skillet if you could give me a ten percent discount.” Uh-oh, I …

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