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This weekend I attended a party where I did not know anyone other than my husband and the hosts. This is not my kind of party. I am self-conscious and uncharacteristically shy around strangers.  People have told me that my shyness often comes off as conceit. It’s because…well …because… honestly… Because I AM conceited. And …

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Ice Cream Memories

My husband had to go pick up a part for his show car tonight. It’s an hour’s drive to the special store. (There’s a better name for this parts place, but I don’t know what the technical term is – “Expensive Shit Emporium”, maybe.) Anyway, Hubby didn’t want to make the two-hour round trip by …

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Going Gentle

I recently re-posted a piece from a few years ago – “How To Be Old.”  I can see the allure of growing old gracefully a la Judy Collins, but I also see the delight of defying old age like Buffy Sainte-Marie. And this week I saw another approach to old age. I would call it …

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Happy Mother’s Day (Once Removed)

I’ve long had bittersweet feelings for Mother’s Day. On one hand, my mother is my favorite person in the whole world. (Sorry, Hubby, but it’s true.) But the biggest regret of my life is that I never had children. I married late in life and it just never happened. For many years I thought my …

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It’s my mother’s birthday. She’s 90. I can hardly believe it. To me, she’s still my glamorous mom, and I’m her little girl, trying to follow in her footsteps. When someone says, “Oh no, I’m becoming my mother!” – I laugh. But really there’s not much I would like better than to become my mother. …

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I No Longer Wish To Decide

All my adult life, I have been a decision-maker. When I was a little girl, my hand was always raised in class. In fact, I was usually jumping out of my seat in my enthusiasm for answering a question. Any question: Where is Mexico?  When was the French Revolution? What time is lunch? Having two …

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Lessons From The Straight And Narrow

I stopped today on a busy street to let some poor schmuck get out of his driveway. A whole bunch of memories drove off with him. When I was a little kid, I lived in a three-family house. My Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Bo and their three kids lived on the first floor. We – …

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My Ghost Makes Crank Calls

An old post for Halloween: Many years ago, my husband and I bought an old house. Built around 1840, we didn’t know too much about its history. We did know about one lady who lived there. Her grandson, now our age, was our neighbor. She must have been a pretty nice Grandma, because Jim didn’t really …

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That Explains A Lot

Everyone has those moments – when you hear or see something   – that suddenly gives you insight into your own nature. I’ve heard it called an “aha moment” – and that expression really fits.  “Aha! That’s why I’m me.” For instance, when I was a kid, I went through a short phase where I …

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The Idea Of It

Several years ago –  about 52, to be honest – I was helping myself to some pasta at a family dinner. I have to digress a bit here.  It wasn’t pasta. I never heard the word ‘pasta’ until decades later. We did not eat pasta in the 50s and 60s. We had Spaghetti or Macaroni. …

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