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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Part One)

We’ve all had the discussion. Sometimes spurred by a TV show, or an article in a magazine. Most likely, though, after several beers at the local bar. What would you save if your house was on fire? First let’s eliminate the obvious. OF COURSE, I would save my little pets. And my family photo albums. …

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Feline Issues

My old cat is driving us crazy. She was our neighbor’s cat. But our neighbor had some personal issues, and somehow her little kitten got lost in the shuffle. Cats are not like dogs. So often, dogs are loyal even to mean or neglectful owners. Cats are more like, “Oh you’re too busy for me? …

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The Sounds Of Silence

Once in a while I read about someone who is accused of some crime, and as a result is under house arrest. My first reaction is: “Sweet!” I love staying home. As I write this, it is Saturday afternoon, and I could go out and do a dozen nice things. But I am sitting in …

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Best Little Things

Mom and I were reminiscing this week. And at the same time we both exclaimed, “Playing Cards!” In our family, as soon as a baby had the self-control not to eat the cards, she was dealt a hand. We started with Go Fish and War and Slap Jack and Old Maid.  And we didn’t even need a …

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Color Coordinated

I pride myself on having a very good eye for color. A classy love of monochromatic design, an understanding of bright and complimentary colors, and even a finely tuned ability to mix patterns with panache. I can discriminate between the subtle tone variations – a discriminating palate for the palette, so to speak. But many …

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Not Guilty Pleasure, Just Guilty

The Guilty Pleasures I recently confessed to are harmless enough… just a lapse of taste rather than judgment. But we all do some things where our normal good conduct goes slightly awry. And confession is good for the soul. So let me confess to some slightly less than perfect behaviors:   Guilt Relief In Thirty …

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Dad, The Annoying

Every year at this time, I remember my Dad’s birthday with a small tribute. I’ve discussed some of the things I loved about him (‘The Smartest Person’), and some of the things that he loved (“Of Tom Mix and Clam Chowder”). But my Dad was just a guy after all, and he could be just as annoying …

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This weekend I attended a party where I did not know anyone other than my husband and the hosts. This is not my kind of party. I am self-conscious and uncharacteristically shy around strangers.  People have told me that my shyness often comes off as conceit. It’s because…well …because… honestly… Because I AM conceited. And …

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Ice Cream Memories

My husband had to go pick up a part for his show car tonight. It’s an hour’s drive to the special store. (There’s a better name for this parts place, but I don’t know what the technical term is – “Expensive Shit Emporium”, maybe.) Anyway, Hubby didn’t want to make the two-hour round trip by …

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Going Gentle

I recently re-posted a piece from a few years ago – “How To Be Old.”  I can see the allure of growing old gracefully a la Judy Collins, but I also see the delight of defying old age like Buffy Sainte-Marie. And this week I saw another approach to old age. I would call it …

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