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What I Learned About Marriage From My Parents

When my Dad died 6 years ago, my parents had been married 64 years. This week marks their 70th wedding anniversary. And we will celebrate – because they are certainly still married. In my mother’s heart and in our memories. I learned a lot about marriage from the example they set. I’m not saying I …

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I heard it again yesterday. The sound in the chimney that can only mean one thing. Swifts. We’ve had these houseguests before. Several times. A few years ago, I start hearing strange noises in the chimney. My husband is hard of hearing, but he doesn’t let that stop him from telling me I am nuts …

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I don’t as a rule like stories that include dreams. But I just woke up from the most vivid incredible freaky dream. And I had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. And as long as I am writing it down…. well, you know…. I’ve certainly created a blog out of a lot …

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Isn’t It Romantic?

In dubious honor of the Queen’s birthday, I am re-posting my only blog about the royal family. (Written 5 years ago – I can’t believe I have been blogging that long!) ** ISN’T  IT ROMANTIC? When I was a little girl, my mother had a ridiculous idea that she was delighted to share with me.  …

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I Did It!

On page 14 of my novel, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, I wrote: And that was it. I got up the next morning and didn’t go to work. I retired. And last week, I did. I retired. I didn’t have a big send-off. There was a lovely party for me way back in September. But …

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The Low-Self-Esteem Generation

For years I have been reading and hearing about how Generation Y-ers have overdosed on self-esteem. Born in the 80s to the early 2000s, these young people are also sometimes called Millennials. And there have been increasing complaints in the workplace that this generation has an undue sense of entitlement. Is it true?  Maybe. Research …

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Since April is National Poetry Month, I’ve written this blog in free verse. But don’t worry, it’s still weird, silly me in there.   QUIZ   I’ve never lost my love of personality tests. Multiple choice in twenty questions to indicate my Compassion (A minus) or my Loyalty (D plus) or my ability or lack …

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Copycats – Part 2 (The Silly Side)

Ten days ago, I wrote about the little copycat I was as a kid. And how on one occasion in high school, a pretty and popular girl paid me a small but important compliment by copying my outfit. Because I wanted that story to be a sweet tribute to the memory of my beautiful classmate, I …

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Spending Plan

A few weeks ago, Credit Card Insider reached out to bloggers with an idea they called “Financially Fabulous in 2016.” They were seeking some interesting insights for their readers about planning for retirement and saving money. But I am incapable of writing an interesting piece about saving money. I may have worked for nearly 40 years …

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I was one of the all-time worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) copycats. Being a homely, skinny, weird-looking thing with two older sisters, it was probably inevitable that I would want to copy them. I both worshiped and despised my sisters – as anyone with older sisters will understand. They went …

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