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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Part One)

We’ve all had the discussion. Sometimes spurred by a TV show, or an article in a magazine. Most likely, though, after several beers at the local bar. What would you save if your house was on fire? First let’s eliminate the obvious. OF COURSE, I would save my little pets. And my family photo albums. …

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You Bet I Did!

I consider myself a Type-B person. Laid back. Relaxed. Too cool for school. In my dreams. But when I wake up, I am a nervous, anxious, middle-aged lady always trying too hard. And full of fears. Among the things I fear  (and you can find more here): Driving fast Firecrackers (I like fireworks though –  …

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I Am So Ready

I’m taking a little time off, but I don’t want to take a chance that you’d forget me, so here is a repeat from three years ago. But it’s still true –  except for the 61 part. Now I’m 64.  And more than ready.   I’M FINALLY READY In the winter of my junior year …

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Another Branch Of The Brag

I am greatly amused (when I am not greatly annoyed) by the Humblebrag, and the subset that I have classified the Bummerbrag. Yes, people love to sound humble. It doesn’t matter if they are secretly boasting, if it’s just a modest, self-effacing little brag. And I’ve noticed yet another branch of demurely-wrapped arrogance. The Job …

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The Bummerbrag

We’re all guilty of it. Oh, Okay. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You NEVER do it. Only me and just about everyone I know (except you). The Humblebrag. The term I think has gone out of favor – even the Twitter account has been inactive for the past two years. But …

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Feline Issues

My old cat is driving us crazy. She was our neighbor’s cat. But our neighbor had some personal issues, and somehow her little kitten got lost in the shuffle. Cats are not like dogs. So often, dogs are loyal even to mean or neglectful owners. Cats are more like, “Oh you’re too busy for me? …

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Shameless Self-Promotion

I know it won’t last, but OMG! Amazon is offering the Kindle version of my novel, “Just What I Always Wanted” for just 99 cents through Friday. And what a success!!!! I made their best-sellers’ list in the category Humorous Literary Fiction – a category I didn’t even know existed. But what the hell!  BEST …

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The Sounds Of Silence

Once in a while I read about someone who is accused of some crime, and as a result is under house arrest. My first reaction is: “Sweet!” I love staying home. As I write this, it is Saturday afternoon, and I could go out and do a dozen nice things. But I am sitting in …

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Business Meeting Survival Guide

My company and I are working on my retirement.  The management – now that they have passed through the denial stage – are hoping for a nice smooth transition. In the best scenario, they identify my successor, and then I stay on, gradually reducing my hours as the new Controller takes on my responsibilities. I …

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I read the other day about a person having an inappropriate case of the giggles. And oh my, a memory jumped up and yelled, “You despicable person, you!” You –  in this case –  meaning: Me. Do you remember the old Mary Tyler Moore episode about Chuckles the Clown?  The station’s resident clown was the …

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