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They’re Practically Twins!

Considering how much I adored my father, It was astonishing to me that I fell in love with and married a man who was so different from my dad. Take Sports, for example. My father was a true sports fan. Football, basketball, baseball, golf. Though I am a horrible athlete, I know a lot about …

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So Close, But Yet So Far

guess who?

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Examining Their Crazy Little Heads

I received an enticing offer from Groupon this week. I actually received it twice. I guess because I bookmarked it, Groupon figured I must be really interested, so they reminded me the next day. And I am VERY interested. For $19.00 I can take an online animal psychology course. (A $175 Value!) To quote the …

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The Naked Truth

WARNING:  I hate the thought of offending anyone, so if you do not want to read about lots of man-parts and lady-parts, please come back on a different day. I considered not writing this at all, but an author-friend of mine said, “Are you crazy? All that fabulous material – and you aren’t going to …

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Buy Me Flowers

I’m currently working on a very special (and adult-oriented) blog, but Easter weekend needs something more wholesome, so here is a reprise of my Easter post from two years ago. BUY ME FLOWERS Lest you think that my fashion-plateness (platedom, platability?) is a recent avocation, let me present to you little Nancy  – Easter Sunday, …

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My Favorite Things (Part 2)

My housecleaning diversion this weekend:  What five possessions would I save if my house were on fire? (Assuming my husband, my kitties and my family photos were all safe, of course.) In my last post, I revealed my one big item – one thing that I could enlist my husband to help carry:  My antique …

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Part One)

We’ve all had the discussion. Sometimes spurred by a TV show, or an article in a magazine. Most likely, though, after several beers at the local bar. What would you save if your house was on fire? First let’s eliminate the obvious. OF COURSE, I would save my little pets. And my family photo albums. …

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You Bet I Did!

I consider myself a Type-B person. Laid back. Relaxed. Too cool for school. In my dreams. But when I wake up, I am a nervous, anxious, middle-aged lady always trying too hard. And full of fears. Among the things I fear  (and you can find more here): Driving fast Firecrackers (I like fireworks though –  …

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I Am So Ready

I’m taking a little time off, but I don’t want to take a chance that you’d forget me, so here is a repeat from three years ago. But it’s still true –  except for the 61 part. Now I’m 64.  And more than ready.   I’M FINALLY READY In the winter of my junior year …

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Another Branch Of The Brag

I am greatly amused (when I am not greatly annoyed) by the Humblebrag, and the subset that I have classified the Bummerbrag. Yes, people love to sound humble. It doesn’t matter if they are secretly boasting, if it’s just a modest, self-effacing little brag. And I’ve noticed yet another branch of demurely-wrapped arrogance. The Job …

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