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The First Time – Lipstick, That Is

With another birthday fast approaching, I thought I’d share this old post written way back in 2011. *** THE HISTORY OF LIPSTICK – CHAPTER ONE   I wore lipstick on Easter Sunday, 1963.  I was twelve. In 1963, twelve was young for lipstick.  None of my classmates were allowed.  Only the grown-up girls.  The eighth …

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Being Read

Last week I learned that there is a very fine line between resonating with folks and touching a nerve. My essay about judging your kids caused quite an uproar. Interesting to me was the difference in reaction depending on the source of the reader. The people who read my blog on The Huffington Post were …

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Decisions, Decisions

Years ago, I became friends with a co-worker whose life was very unlike my Ozzie and Harriet existence. Especially in the boyfriend arena. I had no boyfriend of record. Karen had a boyfriend with a record. And I don’t mean he was churning out hits like Ozzie’s son Ricky. No. He was an ex-con. Jeff …

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Yes, I CAN Judge Your Children

I have no kids. Looking back on it, I see that my childlessness resulted from a combination of circumstances and nature – but also some unfortunate decisions on my part. Or rather, the lack of decision. Sometime inaction turns into a decision in itself. Last year I published an essay that I had written fourteen …

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The Beauty Parlor

Ten weeks ago, my husband took my puppy for his first haircut. I had to work. But I should have known better. I should have taken the day off. Dads cannot communicate what Moms want for their kids’ hairdos. Theo is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an ancient Italian breed that is the ancestor to the Standard …

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Complaint Department

I borrowed my mother’s car this week, so my husband could work on our SUV. I’ve been driving the little convertible, but it’s winter, and Hubby doesn’t want to risk the convertible. It’s OK to risk my mother’s car. She’s 92. She doesn’t drive much. She had my sister drive her to the DMV to …

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Holy Cards

All my life, cards have been important to me. My mother understood the value of playing cards (“Best Little Things”)  – a cheap way to keep a passel of kids quiet. We learned Fish and War, Rummy, SetBack, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, and a jillion kinds of Solitaire. Then later it was Canasta, Cribbage, Hearts. I …

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Inner Adult

I recently had a discussion about the “inner child” – the well-founded idea that there is a distinct part of us that is still the small child we used to be. In the concept of the inner child, our greatest joys and greatest fears arise from the child we used to be. What we loved …

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Just What I Always Wanted (Really)

Yes, that is the title of my novel. But it’s also exactly how I feel about this little guy.   What more could I possibly want?   Merry Christmas! With love from Nancy & Theo  

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Best Christmas Ever

My novel, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, is completely fiction. Almost. In the book, Cynthia (the main character) listens to her sister Angela’s remembrance of one long-ago Christmas. Out of 92,000 words, this little anecdote – less than 800 words – is the one little bit of truth. A not-so-fictionalized account of the Christmas when …

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