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No Pictures Please

Last night I made a fabulous caprese salad.  It wasn’t actually fabulous because of anything I did – but how can you go wrong with tomatoes and basil straight from the garden, and fresh mozzarella – all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil? It was so delicious and so beautiful, that I immediately pulled out …

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Growing Up

I have been reflecting on my lack of a summer vacation this year. I’m not complaining. We had a fabulous trip to Jamaica in March – which will satisfy us for a year at least. Maybe two years if we want to pay for that trip before we travel again. We have a beautiful yard …

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As I writer, it is perfectly acceptable, and practically a professional requirement, for me to eavesdrop. How else would I know how teenagers whine, or families fight, or men flirt (yeah, I’ve been married THAT long) – in order to get it right in my stories? Restaurants are especially good. Booths are best, because you …

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Do you ever have one of those moments? When suddenly you realize something important? Today I had a revelation. And it is not only something important. It is MAJOR IMPORTANT. I’ve been having a rotten month. Worrying about my work, my coming retirement, my house, my finances, my family. I’m not a worrier by nature. …

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A Revisionist Role Model

I never liked cartoons much when I was a kid. I hated the silliness and the weird ping-pongy background music and what was basically the same plot over and over:  Tom and Jerry, RoadRunner, Bugs Bunny –  “Chase me, but I’m smarter than you.” Oh, give me a Real Story any day. With Real People, …

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How Funky Winkerbean Changed My Life

(Time for a summer rerun) ** First, let me assure you that not all of my Life Philosophies are derived from the Sunday comics. That being said, I admit that Funky Winkerbean changed my life. Do you remember hapless Les back in the 70s?  (By the way, I’ve never really understood the word ‘hapless’–why does …

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Best Dream Ever!

I have ordinary dreams. Except when I was a kid. I was nightmare prone. I couldn’t hear a ghost story without weeks of recurring and terrifying nightmares. And so, of course, my sisters and all the kids in the neighborhood just loved telling me scary stories. And I wanted to hear them. Because for my …

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The Good-Day Do-Good Checklist

One night many years ago I was lying in bed, waiting for sleep and reviewing my day. I hadn’t had a bad day, but I could not decide whether it had been a good day. I realized then that my problem was that I did not have any standard for measuring the success of my …

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She’s Back

One year ago I attended a party and met a woman who truly fascinated me. Or at least, her ego fascinated me. I had described her as “celebrity-lite.” She is a minor (very minor) TV personality on one of the local daytime talk shows.But she wore her negligible fame like a twenty-carat tiara. I was …

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Last weekend, my sisters and I (and our husbands) got together for an impromptu picnic. I love spending time with my sisters. I can’t imagine there could ever be anyone more comfortable to be with than the two girls who tormented me in my formative years. Actually, when we were kids, we did an enormous …

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