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So Dumb, I Had To Share

Not my usual post, but SO worth sharing. And I know he is absolutely correct. I just had peanuts for lunch, and I can feel them right now gathering in my vagina.     The Daily Buzz    

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I used to swoon for the Academy Awards. I made it a point to see every film nominated, and I prided myself on being able to predict the winners in every category. I went to the movies almost every Saturday when I was a kid. My mother sometimes had to search the sofa cushions for …

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Guilt-Gone Girl

Because I decided I would no longer drive in bad weather, I have essentially been a shut-in here in Connecticut for the last four weeks. And that means I did not get to the store to buy a Valentine’s Day card. I did have some chocolate-covered strawberries delivered, but I thought for sure I would …

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The Ugly Duckling Advantage

Originally posted on notquiteold:
A few days ago my husband and I went out to dinner.  We went to a very nice restaurant that we don’t frequent very often. But we were really good about ordering the healthiest options on the menu. We’re both making extra efforts to be healthier. Our program is called “Fear…

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New Rules For 64

I recently read an article about the positive aspects of being over 50. Actually, I read one of those about every week. It’s a pretty common topic on the internet, now that the internet population is aging – rapidly, I might add. (except for me, of course.) Anyhow, I felt the need to make a …

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Double Exposure

I started blogging at sixty. And each year on my birthday, I have posted a new photo There’s two reasons why I share my selfie every year: 1.  Affirmation.  My photos are my way of showing the world (well, a minuscule part of it) that it’s not so bad to be in your sixties. I’m …

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I Should Have Kept The Receipt

Last week, I wrote my husband’s inability to find the shaving cream. Although it wasn’t exactly hidden. And several people commented. Many said that they absolutely could have written this, since it appears we all have exactly the same spouse. But quite a few also commented that it’s not only men who can’t find anything. …

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I Want It ALL!

I’m delighted that the Huffington Post has picked up my little essay from a year ago! I’d also be delighted if you’d hop over there and give me a “Like” – Huffpost loves Likes (and so do I)! “Shouldn’t I Have All Of This?“      

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Once Again, I’ve Hidden It

Oh, I’ve written a couple of times about how secretive I am. I am diabolical in the ways in which I hide things from my husband. (“Secret Agent” and “‘Where’s My Hat?’ Asked Waldo”) I was a meanie again this week. In the morning as I am leaving for work, my husband is making his …

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Part-Time Perfection

As I prepare for retirement, my company has agreed (to my great pleasure) that we should have a long, smooth transition. When they identify my successor, I will gradually reduce my hours and work part-time for as long it’s mutually beneficial for the company and me. How perfect is that? I can just ease myself …

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