Nancy Roman


IMG_4157_ForWebUseI’m Nancy Roman.

I’m sixty-four, and I’m looking (sometimes desperately) for that sweet balance between growing old gracefully and staying as young as possible.

An English Major with an M.B.A., I’m a financial executive who likes my day job. I live in Connecticut with my husband and several well-nourished cats.

My novel, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, is available on Amazon.


  1. LOVE THIS. I am 43 and getting older like everyone else. I have some friends who look great but dress like teenagers – doesn’t work. I suspect your humor and thoughtful approach to life will keep you vibrant and young for a long time, regardless of what you wear.

  2. Thanks. It’s a precarious balance, but I’m working (maybe too hard) at it. I am SO not ready to be old.

  3. LOVE your blog! It’s in my favorites. I think we were made from the same batch of playdough! The post on what you were not old enough to wear cracked me up! Rain bonnet…bahahahahaha
    Libby Lu

    • Thanks Libby Lu. I do see the resemblance!

  4. Oh, wow…great to find your blog. I’m looking forward to reading. Looks like we’re both loving the good life…old, or not!

    • Thanks. I like your sweet blog too.

  5. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog – it looks like we may have some stuff in common: sixty-something and still looking for the perfect lipstick! I hope you will subscribe to my blog and I’ll check in on yours as well. And keep on bloggin’!

    • My mother is eighty-seven and she’s still looking for the perfect lipstick… so I know what my future holds for me! I’ll be looking for your posts.

  6. Re: Dirty Dancing?

    I have one thing to say to you. Listen up.


    Now get up and “Have the Time of Your Life” at that wedding!

    PS Your blog is going on my blogroll TODAY, absolutely LOVE what you’re doing here and can’t wait to read all the lipstick posts. I swear I LITERALLY bought a new lipstick yesterday leaving after physical therapy:-) and as of today I LOVE it. I’ll hate it in a week.

    Keep writing, you are talented and your voice is fabulous and timely to many MANY of us out here!


    • Thanks so much. As soon as I figure out how to add a blogroll myself, I will return the favor!

      • Let me know how to do it, too!

  7. You’re SIXTY (60)?! I NEVER would have guessed that age for you. Teach me your ways. :)

    • Well – I would say, “Good genes, no kids, and lots of product.” (and I didn’t cheat – that photo was really taken on my sixtieth birthday – of course, I took about 200 shots to get that keeper.)

  8. After snorting coffee all over my laptop (for the second time today) at your fabulous posts… I had to subscribe! I’m so glad that I followed your link from a comment you left on mine. I hope you write often!

    • Thanks, Steffanie. we hip old people (or people with old hips) need to stick together.

  9. Love your blog. Sixty isn’t old in today’s terms (or in dog-years), and I would say that you are ‘looking mavelous’…(think Billy Crystal). I am only 2 years your junior, and I must say that I think we have a lot in common. Keep up the writing…I’ll be back to read more.
    And thanks for visiting my blog, too. Much appreciated.

  10. Love your blog! We have lots in common. I especially loved History of Lipstick Chapter 60 and Dirty Dancing and…..on and on

  11. Thanks, Nancy, for your click of my blog post. We have no choice in growing old, so we might as well do it with style!

  12. Nancy, what a fun blog you have here! :) Thank you for “linking” one of my posts ( – I appreciate it!

    • ^ Okay, that’s supposed to be “liking”! ;)

  13. You have quite a sense of humor. Love what you’re doing :) Keep it up.

  14. Think I am going to love following you!!!! My kind of woman!!!!

  15. Cindy

    Enjoyed reading your blog, especially the one about advice from your mom. :)

  16. OMG – you my friend, are hilarious. I like to say OMG because it makes me seem young because sadly, I too am older than the president, and I am surrounded by punks, albeit of the Canadian variety. Thanks for the laughs! Will be following your adventures. Thanks for the like :-)

    • I’m afraid people will snicker if I say OMG. But I think it.

      • Aw, let ’em snicker… who cares? ;)

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your stuff. Looking forward to more!

  18. I am so glad you found me and now I found you! I look forward to more!

  19. Hi Nancy: A fellow gray hair fighter ! I’m sure we are not the only ones. Just a quick question – I don’t see anywhere on your posts to comment or click like ? Some of your posts are really funny !

    Just a suggestion for the eyebrow issue, which I have recently developed as well, rather than dying them, why not just get a nice eyebrow pencil ? Much less dangerous unless you have a tendancy to lost your grip and poke yourself in the eye :)

    Have a great day !

    • I’ll borrow my mother’s pencil. She’s 87 and never goes out of the house without her “eyebrows”.
      PS – I’m not exactly sure what my post looks like to the outside world, but I think there must be a spot for comments and likes, because I get them. I’ll have to sit at someone else’s computer and take a look.

  20. Ha! Love your sassy and to-the-point writing style (and your eyebrow migration illustrations — talented!) Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love your posts! I relate to all that I have read so far (at least 10). The eyebrows, I also expect to be in negative sizes in 10 years (yay!), the husband thing. You are an inspiration! I will visit often.

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog,”hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul” and liking my post “a little preoccupied.” Glad I stopped by. Love your writing style. Humor in life is essential. Keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. What’s the fun in that…and at 62 I like a lot of froth with my decaf whatever.

    adding you to my blogroll…hugmamma. :)

  23. Kim

    Literally, made me laugh out loud – especially the marketer’s dream, I am the world’s biggest sucker for a pretty package. ;)

    • Thanks. It’s my greatest pleasure to make someone laugh.

  24. HILARIOUS. thank you. just found your blog via a freshly pressed comment. adding it to my blogroll. don’t use this blog much but cannot post on wordpress using my blogger avatar. but if you want to find me i’m usually over posting at definitely adding you to that blogroll. ;o) especially loved the letter to hairdresser and eyebrow post.

    • Thanks for finding me… it led me to your blog, and it’s awesome.

  25. loosefemme

    Your blog rocks, it’s funny, touching and REAL.


    • Thanks, and thanks for reading my stuff..

  26. You’re just a young chick – I am 73 (OMG can that be true) and am also looking for that perfect lipstick. I think I have found it and then they discontinue it. By the way two words that my grandsons have promised not to use – age and old. So when I am asked my age in front of them (by an ambulanceman after a fall) the response was 39 plus GST. GST is our equivalent VAT in the UK or your State taxes.

  27. BTW can’t find how to subscribe to your blog.

    • Thanks for the kind words. At the very bottom of my blog is a button that says, “Sign me up” – subscribe there. Hope to see you here again.

  28. Nancy, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, because I don’t think I’d ever have found you on my own.

    I love your writing style. Yes, I know I said that once already. But it’s so nice to read people’s writing that flows smoothly from one thought to the other; is punctuated well and spelled correctly. And entertaining, to boot!

    We might be 15 years apart in age but there are similar things in our heads: the perfect lipstick and cat puke. I loved that. It’s so nice when people are transparent and real.

    I wanted to also say that I loved reading your readers’ comments. So many times I was reading one and looking for the facebook-esque “like” button! Your readers are delightful and I’ve found some common ground in visiting their sites (instead of going to bed, like I should have been doing. But that’s another story.)

    • Thanks. I do feel that my readers add ideas that I wish I had thought of myself!

  29. I stumbled upon your blog and had so much fun. Kudos!!

    • Thanks for finding me. I’m delighted you enjoyed it.

  30. You look great for 60!! Thanks for visiting my world. I will definately continue to visit yours!!

  31. Pen

    Thanks for the laugh, I enjoy reading about others experiences and the humor they can find in it. I will definitly follow.

  32. Nancy: I really appreciate the comment you left on my blog. How did you find me? I’ve been trying to search out the over 40 blogs. Enjoyed exploring your blog. Stop by again when you need a good laugh and want to hear another story. Cheers!

    • Hi Storyteller. Thanks for checking out my blog. You ask how I found you. Like you, I have been seeking out over-40 blogs. There are some younger women I just love (like The Sassy Curmudgeon at – who is hysterical if somewhat obscene) – but I can relate much better to women who are not talking about their courses this semester or the last crazy party. I just search through tags, and then also look at blogrolls and comments on sites that relate. See my own blogroll – I’ve made some great “mature” friends. I found you by checking out the tag “Aging”.

  33. pamblizzard

    I’m a “Pamela” and you were right on, I’m just a few years younger than you are. We need a manual for getting old; muddling on our own gets pretty “old”.

  34. hi again! thanks for leaving me a comment on! do i need to subscribe to your blog to leave post comments? i am so enjoying your posts. you are so witty. i love humorous posts, but i also loved your post about your hubby. love found (new or old) just makes my heart happy. am also going to follow your advice on “more mature” writers! ;o) i am an “older mom” (blech) and i am loving knowing your search keywords.

    • Glad you found me. Anyone can leave a comment. I’d be glad to have you as a subscriber, though, if you’d like.

  35. Your “About” is perfect!

  36. The eye doctor post got to me–I was told last year that I was a prime candidate for retinal detachment, mostly because I’m so nearsighted that my right eye is out of shape. Guess this is what I get to look forward to;-)

    • If you are very nearsighted, you are definitely at higher risk. That is why I have decided to call it PREMATURE PVD.

  37. Screw that chick who said your red top was something her “daughter would love”. Both outfits in the post are smokin hot and I LOL at Donatella!

  38. Thanks Nancy!
    I enjoyed your blog too…Yikes Donatella!!!
    You know, i can relate a little to your piece on Famous Author as well. I’ll check back later.

  39. My primary care doctor told me last month I only needed one more Pap Smear and that was it…..That was it???? What the hell does that mean? I’m 64 so I guess it’s all over after that; you can have cancer, but it doesn’t matter because you’re old anyway? This aging stuff is not so easy.

    • That’s awful! Cancer is okay if you are old?????

  40. Nancy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. As several women before me have said, 60 isn’t old. I really do believe we’re only as old as we feel and for those of us who like to laugh I know we will never be old because laughing keeps us young.

    Keep up the good work!

  41. beckyblackpowell

    I love this blog!! I love the way you write and your sense of humor. I’m 51 and I totally relate. I look forward to reading more.

  42. Nancy, I love your blog, but I can’t see a place to comment on your posts. Help!

  43. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    I can see why you are a favorite. Good writing and enjoyable presentation. Do you give workshops. Hehehe…

    P. S. Thanks for visiting…I may never have found you on my own.

  44. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for the yoga comment and “Like.” I like your blog- will subscribe and share.
    I’ve been looking for “older” bloggers!

  45. Just hilarious. Great stuff. And a good reminder that we can, if we work at it without being too serious about it, grow old well, if not as gracefully as we would like.

  46. Great Blog! I just awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award that I hope you will accept at

    There are a few things you have to do, but it’s not too hard. Congrats!

    • Thanks… I’m on a run of good luck, as last week I had two nominations. It’s amazing when great bloggers like you like my writing!

  47. Nancy – very funny blog – you had me laughing out loud! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog – I otherwise might not have found yours. You are now on my blog roll. I look forward to reading future posts.

  48. Love your writing style! And thanks for being my first “like” on my blog’s very first day in existence! I tried to “like” your “like” :) back but couldn’t figure out how to do that on your blog page so this’ll have to do.

  49. MOL

    Hello, Nancy. Your blog name got me curious. So I checked your blog out. I love your thoughts and opinions. I will continue to follow your blog. Keep on writing!

  50. Nancy, LOVE your voice! Thanks for visiting Too Hot Mamas. Would love to see you write a book about men and women! Hysterical!!!


  51. Nancy, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I live with all guys. One husband, two sons, and a boarder collie – I finally had to find a stray female puppy just to balance out the testosterone levels. I don’t know why they do what they do either. wow.

  52. Nancy, Thanks for visiting my website. I’m brand new at this (the baby, so to speak). You’re website is a great inspiration to me. -Julie

  53. I join the fans waving palm fronds about you, O Font of Wisdom Nancy. You clearly have a good grasp of what does and doesn’t really matter as we stack up those wacky life experiences. The insight (and cheerfully twisted acceptance, perhaps) gained by surviving and looking over it all with a wry grin–a priceless and totally-worth-it trade. Thanks for ‘luring’ me here with your friendly visit to my blog. I’ll be back many times!

    • Thanks for coming over to my place. And thanks for the kind words.

  54. Just read your blog for the first time–we are truly on the same path! Old is a state of mind…young is nothing more than airbrushing…Am looking forward to following your blog.

  55. Cool post, man. The acronyms have long left me behind – so true – but cool is still cool. I just recently taught my 13 year old boy the beauty of ‘cool’ – he likes it, might start using it.

  56. So glad you found my blog, so I could discover yours!
    You brought a smile to my face!


  57. Happy you found my blog! I’m enjoying yours, too!

  58. Androgoth

    You have a very nice Space
    here my friend…

    Have a lovely weekend :)


  59. Nancy, we are exactly the same age! I loved your post about TV ~ I so remember all those shows and the cabinet television. What changes we’ve seen! There are times when I long for the good old days. I never would have dreamed that would happen. Love your blog and will be back. :)

  60. So glad I found your blog, Nancy! Love your posts and plan to visit often.

  61. I get the whole Diane Keaton thing. You are hilarious and I look forward to following you.

  62. You must forgive my stupidity, where are your like and comment buttons on your regular post? I have read several and wanted to click like to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Which I do enjoy reading them.

    • The comment/like buttons are combined as one little “word bubble” – like how cartoon characters speak – near the title of my post. It’s the one thing about this format I don’t like, because it isn’t very clear. But I’ve tried other templates and I just like the font and the simple layout of this one the best for my needs. But every time WordPress comes out with something new, I give it a try. Thanks for reading my blog – I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  63. Honesty. Humor. Hydrangeas. Does it get any better? Not to me.

    I’ll be visiting often – love a like minded girl!

  64. My dear fellow blogger, I have nominated you, in very good company if I do say so myself, for a Versatile Blogger Award. Now, I know perfectly well that some of you have previously been recognized with this particular honor, and I will not require you to follow the acceptance “rules” to the letter; frankly, on this my third receipt of this very welcome recognition it has taken me a couple of long days just to respond properly, whereas I don’t struggle quite so much to write a fresh post a day under normal circumstances.

    What I would like to suggest to each of you in response to this is that instead of doing the usual, you make a post one day soon that tells us what fed your drive to express yourself in a blog and your personal flexibility and versatility. Was it in your training to try to diversify and strengthen and deepen your skills and interests, were you born curious, or was it serendipitous? Is your family or educational background particularly creative, or were you the unique artistic one in the bunch? I’m interested in our sharing what shapes us as creative beings, and I think this VBA recognition is an appropriate time to take a breath and consider it.

    With my deep admiration!

    The Bard on the Hill
    Not Quite Old
    The Dassler Effect
    Kreativ Kenyerek
    Sweet Caroline’s Cooking
    The Seven Hills Collection
    Patridew’s Perfect World
    Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.
    Nine Lives Studio
    Daily Nibbles
    The Valentine 4: Living Each Day
    A Cup of Tea with this Crazy Nia

    And here’s the link to your award conferral!

  65. Another award to add to your collection:

    I think you are fabulous!

  66. Just wanted you to know I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  67. Kenton Lewis

    Nancy, please clear up the sexuality of Tennessee Ernie Ford for the sake of his family. When it comes to hubbies, you chose wisely. Too often girls start out with a guy who likes to shop and doesn’t know which way to turn a screw. Really; do you want a guy to know more about the ballet than you? I think not. But on the other hand I do see the value in having a wife who understands zone blocking and passing routes.
    You have a very good site; excellent writing, humorous, and insightful. I plan on returning often.

  68. Hi Nancy,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because I really get a kick out of your blog. I do enjoy your stories – perhaps it’s because we have so much in common.You seel, I am also an accountant over 40 who wants to be a writer . Check out the link here and enjoy :


  69. Hello! I found your blog through, and I so identify with your post here. I’m 51 and trying to do the same thing…age gracefully and as slowly as I can! Challenging!
    Love the humor I find here…thanks for sharing, I’ll be back! ~ Sheila

  70. I found you through and am glad to be here. I am currently preparing (if that is possible) for my empty-nest years and plan on making the most of the years ahead of me! Glad to find someone a little further along in the journey so that I can learn and laugh as I go.

  71. Get ready for an award, Molly! I just gave your the A Lovely Blog Award. Just posted the info on my blog… So well deserved… :)

    • Sorry, I meant to say Nancy… :( That’s what happens when I copy and paste to save time…

  72. Hi, Nancy. I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I really enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with others. Maybe you have already been nominated, but if not, the details can be found here:

    Happy blogging!

  73. Very much enjoyed reading several of your posts today – gotta love a blog that makes me laugh! I like your style of writing – and your ability to find the humor in life. I look forward to more posts!

  74. Here I am again mentioning you in my blog. I am awarding you the Liebster Blog award even though it is quite possible you have too many followers. I also know you have lots of awards so consider this just my way of saying thanks for the joy you bring.

  75. Hi Nancy – I’ve just given you a Sunshine Award for your blog. I’m sure you’ve had them before, but here’s another for your collection.:)

  76. Crazy question to ask. Do you mind if I “borrow” the copyright legalese on your blog (names changed, of course)? I’m seeing my stuff pop up in some other places, and I think I need to make my copyright statement a little more firm.

    • You can absolutely use it, since I didn’t write it either. It’s almost verbatim the language suggested by wordpress.

  77. loverbean

    Hello there Not Quite Old,

    I love reading your blog and nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Please see my post at
    if you are interested in accepting. No pressure. :)

    Best blogging wishes,
    loverbean at Lemon Salt

  78. I write a blog, “Humoring the Goddess: Managing the Madness and Magic of Middle Age,” and yours resonates with the same humor and emotion that many of us are going through. I am happy there are others out there who think and feel and write about the same confusions. Please come over and take a peek some time…and I will continue to come on over here.
    Claudia Anderson

    • Glad to meet you. I’ll check out your blog.

  79. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Feel free to accept or decline. No pressure, no worries.

  80. Editor Mindy

    WOW! Ur writing is so refreshing! :D Love your blog. Looking forward to more of ur post. Knock on my blog too! :)

  81. What a treat to find your blog! I love humor that doesn’t feel it must attack others to be funny.

    • Thanks! I’m happiest if I can make someone laugh.

  82. pharphelonus

    Hey there. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award because you rock (OK, and because you nominated me and didn;t tell me how much damn work it was). You still rock.

  83. fivereflections

    David in Maine USA

  84. I love this blog! I cannot believe that I’ve never come across it before. Your work reminds me of all the reasons I also love Nora Ephron. At 57 myself, I can really appreciate your observations. Keep blogging!

    • Thanks…. I’m honored to even get my name near Ms. Ephron’s.

  85. Just clicked on your freshly pressed piece and loved it!! I think I had almost those same glasses in blue… and as I recall I wore them with my favorite blazer with enormous shoulder pads! I think I was a Sally-Jessy Rafael (sp?) wanna be. Yikes. I am 46 and struggling not only with growing older (growing up still seems out of the question) but with a new lifestyle as well. I am recently married and currently living on the road as we follow the hub’s work. Although it’s great most of the time it does have it’s challenges. I’m looking forward to reading through your work. Cheers!

  86. We stomp some of the same ground, saw you got FPd, just wanted to congratulate.
    Don’t let ’em make you crazy!

  87. Hi Nancy, I just wanted you to know I am enjoying your blog. It was the title that drew me in. I woke up not long ago in shock because I am almost 50, and it suddenly seemed jolting, as if it must be a mistake. I really thought for a brief moment that I had miscalulated somewhere. Like maybe I got confused somewhere along the line and mistakenly added extra years to my life. But nope – almost 50. As for the on-going conversation about your photo here, you do look great!

  88. Hi Nancy I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations. Love your blog.

  89. You must hear it more often, but I really enjoy your blog! Therefore the nomination :)

  90. Michael Tyler

    Michael Tyler has named you one of his five recipients of The Liebster Blog Award!
    Liebster means ‘beloved’ in German.
    The Liebster Blog Award was passed along to me with the following rules:

     Thank and link back to the giver of the award.
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     Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going. Enjoy the Love!

    Receiving the Liebster Award means your blog reaches out and touches the heart and souls of others. The 5 blogs you nominate should meet the same criteria.
    Here are my five. If you have more than 200—or even 2000—followers, forgive me, I just went with what I like.
    5 Blogs with 200 or less Followers:

    1. –Corny as it may be to award this to the person who awarded it to you, it is a must. Daphne is a bundle of energy, always makes me smile or makes me think, and she can really write.
    2. –Another lady with solid writing skills who brightens my day. I learn a lot by reading her blogs. It’s hard for me to write a female POV, and she is SO feminine—it helps me get a handle on how to do this, or at least how to attempt it.
    3. –Amazing. Thought provoking. The lady is a pro, and though I suspect she has a gazillion followers, I had to put her on my list of favorites. Her last piece—Etan Patz—brought tears to my eyes.
    4. –Lots of well-written tips and stories, mostly related to writing. This lady juggles a lot and still manages to write a great blog to follow.
    5. –This young lady can write, and I am curious to watch where she goes with it.

    I received this prestigious award from:
    Daphne is an original. She always makes me smile, and what a nice thing to give someone. I’m pretty sure she might be one of the keys to the universe, like that Fifth Element gal…
    7 Random things about Yours Truly:

    1. I live in the country, and one of the things I like most about living in the country is being able to pee outside. In fact, even in the middle of the night, it’s not uncommon for me to go outside to share my water with precious Mother Earth and take a look around. It’s peaceful and it’s a security boost.
    2. I was once knocked unconscious by lightning that struck near me as I crossed the side of a hill during a storm in the middle of the night in Central America. I can still remember the metallic taste it left in my mouth.
    3. My mother’s family name is Trueblood. Quakers seeking refuge from religious persecution in England, The Truebloods settled in North Carolina in the 1600s. Around 1800, the clan split, with one group moving to Indiana after freeing their slaves, which was contrary to NC law at that time, and the other, smaller group remaining near the coast of North Carolina. The Indiana Truebloods, who eventually started family groups in Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa, took their freed slaves with them for fear they would be re-enslaved. Sadly, Truebloods fought Truebloods in the Civil War, with family members serving the Union (Indiana) and the Confederacy (North Carolina).
    4. I have a phobia: Palmetto Bugs. You know, those great big creepy fluttering damn creatures that love hot, humid climates? Acckkk! Guaranteed to make me scream girlishly and run for high ground.
    5. I love old Harleys. My current bike is a 1973 FLH, which is almost too new. I love this bike, which I named Hell Bitch, after Woodrow Call’s horse in Lonesome Dove. It is cranky. A pain. I am constantly having to tinker with it, which I have come to realize is one of the reasons I like old bikes. I need a bike I have to kick start. I need a bike I can cuss at when it’s obstinate. I need a bike without push buttons, computers, turn signals, horns, and rear shocks. I need obnoxious bikes. If a bike has a push-button starter, flashy paint, or a windshield, I have no interest. Yup.
    6. I did some pretty crazy stuff as a younger man, and did them better than most, with no apparent ill-effects. Now, as I close the gap between right now and my fiftieth birthday, I find that the scars left from my past exploits are closer to the surface. Depression has become an issue, something that is hard for me to admit, but I fight it as best I can. For some years, I sought refuge in a bottle, but booze only made things worse. So what to do? Continue the fight, of course. Quitting is never an option.
    7. I love music and sports, but have never been to a concert and have never attended a professional sporting event. Hmmmm.

  91. I’m not sure whose blog I found you from, but I’m glad I did!

  92. Did you know that when people subscribe to your blog, they receive the entire blog post in their email? They have no need to go to your web page. You are losing valuable stats that way. The same thing was happening with my blog. I contacted, who writes a hilarious blog but I only receive part of it in my email subscription. I have to click “Read more” and then I’m sent to his blog site. I asked him how to do it, and he said go to your Dashboard, Settings, Reading, and then select “show a portion.” I did it. You should do. Your stats might skyrocket, especially if you have a lot of subscribers.

    • Wow…that is fantastic advice! I’ll try it! Thanks!

    • I don’t see “show a portion” – I have “Full text” or “Summary” – is that what you mean?

      • I’m still trying to figure it out. I subscribe to nailsbails and the author gave me the instructions I gave you. His email to subscribers says “Read more of this post.”

        • I used “Summary” and it worked on the last post. Thanks.

  93. In the Dashboard > Appearances > Widgets, there’s a widget for Links (blogroll).
    Drag it into a widget area, and you can add links for your blogroll.

  94. Hi, Nancy. I stumbled on your blog quite by chance (I think it was from “Freshly Pressed”) but it struck a chord. I’m a few years younger than you and facing (early) retirement at the end of the year, so I’m kind of struggling with the conflicting feelings of “Great, now I’ll be free to pursue other interests, like writing and music” and “OMG, it’s all over, I’m all washed up, on the shelf, etc@.
    I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog from now on:-)


  95. I’m surfing the blogs today and came accross your post for 7/2 (today). I love it. I’m 35, kids are both in middle school now — I had mine young so while my other friends are chasing after toddlers, I’m dealing with hormones, mood swings and homework…along with the reality of getitng older along with my husband and really missing my younger days. I can really relate with your writings, I’ll be sure to stop by often. Thank you for this glorious blog :)

    • Thanks… I so glad you like it! My day is complete if I can make someone laugh.

  96. Hi Nancy, stumpled onto your blog through some mutual bloggies (blogging buddies). Am just shy of the big 5-0 and love connecting with strong, funny, not quite old women to show me the way forward. I too, refuse to take this aging thing lying down! Looking forward to reading more.

  97. You look thirty-five in you pic up at the top! I think you have been a success at preventing growing old!

  98. Hi Nancy, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Details on my blog. Thanks for your funny and insightful posts!!

  99. Hi, recently my blog, Not Pretending (to be sane) has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    One of the “rules” is to nominate blogs that I feel are deserving of this award. Your blog has been nominated. Congratulations!

    If you are interested in accepting this award, please visit my post:
    And the Nominees Are…

    Once you accept the nomination, please send me the link to your Versatile Blogger Award post. I’d like to know who you find very interesting and inspirational to other bloggers.

    Thank you,
    Jodi Lea

  100. Fun! I’m 64 and I’m 100% certain that my 100 year old self would consider me quite young as a mere 64 year old! In any case, I’m here and loving it. And, love your blog too. :)

  101. Hi, Nancy!
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Now that it’s done – I see i’m not the first to do so. Still, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. You deserve it :-)


  102. I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I’m 42, but I get confused for 25… a lot. I believe in growing old as gracefully as possible, but when the good genetics poop out… kidding. Anyway, your blogs are fun to read and I hope to read many more.

  103. Love your sense of humor… I’m following :)

  104. Hi,

    Great blog. Just came across your blog and wanted to know if you would be interested in guest blogging on a new retirement site at If interested please drop us a note via the contact page on the site.


  105. I say pick an age you like and stick with it. I like 34. Saw your comment to Becoming Cliche re: meeting a blogger nearby. I’m in Ct too, aging as gracefully as I can, ignoring creaky (and worse) body parts, keeping mind juice flowing.

    • Where in Connecticut?… maybe I CAN meet a fellow blogger!

  106. about karma! Some of you may know I write a blog called “Humoring the Goddess: Managing the Madness and Magic of Middle Age” ( I was just getting ready to write a blog about feeling like ive aged quickly this past year. Im 60 with the heart and soul of a 40 year old. Or maybe its the heart and soul of a 104 year old. We can only move one way, so why not make the best of it! I love your blog. I feel your blog. Hope to keep YOU entwrtained as well!

  107. So fun to meet you, Nancy..looks like you’ve got your About plan nailed. Happy writing!

  108. Al

    Hi again, Nancy.

    Couldn’t help but notice you are writing from Rhode Island (presumably the Newport area). My wife and I have quite a history there. We both lived there once before we knew each other. I was stationed there at Naval OCS and she lived there as a teen (her father was career navy). Then when we met and were married (here in Virginia Beach) we started our life together in Newport,as I was stationed there again. We lived in a tiny apartment atop one of the old estates on Old Beach Rd. Quite a romantic honeymoon spot for newlyweds. Can’t believe that was almost 46 years ago. We went back for a visit to our old haunts about 4 years ago. Loved it all over again.

    Enjoying your blog!

    • We live in Connecticut but we love the beaches in Rhode Island – and we often go for a day or two to Newport. We also honeymooned in Newport so it is special for us too.

  109. I’d love for you to join our Vibrant Influencer Network (VIN) – an exciting, growing network of bloggers and social influencers that was partly born out of our community site, We connect members of VIN with our partners as part of campaigns about their products, services, or even just to provide research and insights from Vibrant women. The campaigns may include:

    • paid blogging opportunities;
    • free samples;
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    The Network is growing quickly, and our partners are really starting to understand the great value and power women like you bring to the table. We have a several really fun and exciting campaigns in the pipeline that I hope to announce soon, and we’re currently involved in campaigns with Verizon and Healthy Choice.

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    (Most questions do not require answers, however, the more information you provide, the more likely you’ll qualify for our campaigns, programs, or reporter’s requests. We do not share any information you provide without permission from you to do so.)

    If you have questions, please email me! beth (at)

  110. Age is just a number so have lots
    of fun and stay as young as you wish :) ;)

    Peter Pan aka Andro

  111. I have added both of your blogs under my new page “Other Magical Writers.” Now maybe you can send me hints on how to get my viewership to grow! Love your writing.

    • Thanks! The best “hint” on viewership is to find blogs that are like yours and comment – those bloggers and readers may respond. Check out the “tags” in your reader for like-minded souls.

  112. Nancy, I’m not sure how all of this works, but because I love your blog – the writing and the art, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    • Thanks so much for the nomination. I love to make people laugh. I’ve had that award a few times – so I don’t want to accept it again. I’ll let someone else take the honor this time. But thanks again for reading my blog!

      • It has been my honor to have discovered it! New Year blessings…

  113. I will try calling more in 2014 my friend…

    Andro xx

  114. Me too!

  115. Good Morning!
    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. Please do not feel obligated to accept…I just like your blog a lot, and want others to see and read it too!
    Hope you have a great day!

    • Thanks for the nomination. I love to make people laugh.

      • My pleasure :)

  116. This blog is like that splash of cold water that the old fashioned pump at Miss Mary’s needs to get the water flowing.
    Isabel Scheherazade (the 10-year old blogger at
    and Patty from, Isabel’s muse–or is it the other way around?

    • Thanks! Glad to be a pump-primer!

  117. Hi, recently my blog, Not Pretending (to be sane) was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award.

    Part of the award acceptance is to nominate blogs for the Sisterhood. Congratulations, your blog has been nominated. If you are interested in participating in this award, please visit my post:
    Award Post

    Once you accept the nomination, please send me the link to your Award post.

  118. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and quite like it. I like your writing style. I am Sarbari from Bangalore, India. I am 55 years old, female, and the subjects you write on, are quite close to my heart too. I am following you now. keep writing :-)

  119. When you find that balance, pass it over to me. ;0) I’m 44 and feel like I’m 20 on some days. On others? 82…heheh… I fee you!

  120. Great Blog! I love your sense of humor. Not sure how you feel about Blog Awards, but I nominated you a Sunshine Award. Here is the link if you want to play along:
    Either way, I’ll be back to read more of your posts. :)

    • Thanks. I love making someone laugh. I don’t do the blog awards, but I do appreciate them. Thanks.

  121. Despite my unfortunate lack of physical years/general life experiences, this blog never ceases to amuse me. That’s why I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept, but you can find out more about it here:

    Ciao for now,

  122. Nancy! You need a Goodreads page – they don’t even have your book listed. As long as it’s got an ISBN number, you can have an author page. And I can’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, either. I’m loving the book, and happy to talk it up and link to your various sites, but if I Google Nancy Roman, I get the head of the Capital Food Bank – she seems nice, but her clothes aren’t as good! Let me know. Also, would you like to do an author interview on my blog?

    • Thanks Gabi… I know I have a lot of work to do. Marketing is definitely not my experise. I can add a Goodreads page right away. I have a personal FB page, but I guess I need an author page. I have a Twitter account I never use. I guess I will be busy for a while! And YES, I would LOVE to do an author interview. And I am relieved to hear that I am at least as stylish as the head of the Capital Food Bank. The most famous Nancy Roman is an astronomer – she is certainly smarter than I, but I am hoping I out-dress her.

      • Contact me via my blog for the interview. My email address is on the blog. :)

  123. Nancy – Bravo! I found you and your book. Fantastic! I’m jealous and so proud of you.

    • Thanks Charlotte! Glad you found me.

      • So I took one of those quizzes on facebook: “What is your real mental age”. I was relieved and happy to learn that its 35 (even if its possibly contrived BS). At 67, you love anything that says you are young. But as long as I’m around, you’re younger that me. So feel good about it. :)

  124. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See my post for details: I’m reading your book and loving it!

  125. It’s 2:30 AM…I just finished your book…thanks for writing an easy read!!

    • Thanks! And thanks for your review… just saw it on Amazon. Reviews are vital to sales in today’s world, so I greatly appreciate it!

  126. Oh yes! New blogger, new instagrammer, new tweeter, old as dirt (and loving it!) Sign me up!

  127. Hi Nancy, I live in CT too! Glad I found your blog, look forward to reading more.

  128. Just read your piece on HuffPost, “Not Having Children.” What a beautiful and honest piece on a very difficult subject I can most definitely relate to. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Thank you, Nancy.

    • Thank you, V.R.M. As you can see from my blog, most of what I write is pretty silly. But I am feeling the need to be a little more heartfelt once in a while. (Old age is making me sentimental, I guess.)

  129. D.

    Thank you for writing the HuffPo piece on not having children. I am 46 and childless and can relate to so much of what you wrote.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s very reassuring to share that piece after all these years and find that it can resonate with someone.

  130. Bernadette

    I’m 34 and while some women have their first kid around this age, I feel it in my gut that it’s not going to happen to me. I’ve clipped your piece “Not Having Children” for those moments when I need strength and wisdom. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much. I hope that you get your wish… there is every reason to think you will.. But I would also say that even though I wish I had been able to have children, my life is very good and very happy. We don’t always get everything we wish for in life – but we all get our share of wonderful gifts.

  131. Hi Nancy, your blog looks great! Found you on SuzieSpeaks party! I’m a midlife who posts about leisure and fun!


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