Nancy Roman

Never Mind

So I no sooner finish bitching  remarking about a couple of ways in which my body is letting me down, when I find I have to backtrack just a teensy bit.

As I reported, my skin is dry, but my eyelids are greasy. I can’t get eyeshadow to stay put.

And as I also reported, I have NEVER EVER EVER used moisturizer on my eyelids, so I was completely and furiously mystified.

And then, I got ready for bed.

And removed my eye makeup.


I started wearing eye makeup as soon as I started high school. And that was September 1965. So forty-eight years and four months of shadow, liner and mascara.

And taking it off every night.

With this:


Not every single day, of course. I had the flu a couple of times. And my gallbladder out. And I had a colonoscopy and they wouldn’t let me wear makeup, although I still don’t see why a little mascara should matter to pictures of my colon.  But, anyway, not every day.  Only 17,000 days.

Yet I was baffled by my oily eyelids.


On the other hand, after forty-eight years and four months of baby oil, I do not have crow’s feet.


Never mind.

never mind


  1. That’s what I’ve always used to remove my eye make-up too! No crow’s feet for me either; perhaps I should be using it all over my face….

  2. Any sort of oil is absorbed into my body within a nano-second. Perhaps I should be using baby oil.

  3. So the vote is in *favor* of baby oil. Good to know!

    • Yes… given the choice between greasy eyelids and crow’s feet, I’ll take the greasy eyelids. And a lot of eye primer.

      • Two words: urban decay. Best eyelid primer ever.

  4. I had forgotten about baby oil. I remember it felt good and smelled good and not expensive. So why am I using other stuff now?

    • I’ve tried other makeup removers – a day or two and I’m back to baby oil.

      • Almaty non-greasy. Only thing that works for me.

  5. how funny!!! Love this post.

  6. I used it when I baked in the sun. I’ll never forget the greasy feel and soft smell.

    • We’d add some iodine or something to make it red. No SPF there!

  7. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. I’m getting baby oil!

    • You can get a great big bottle of the generic kind – very cheap.

  9. Al

    I believe this is #43 on the list of “100 Reasons it is Easier to be a Guy.”

    • Easier. But then again, I can cover up my imperfections. (Of course, men probably don’t give a shit about imperfections.)

      • Al

        True dat.

        • Or think they don’t have any.

          • Al

            Not true dat. Mine are pointed out to me every day.

          • Yeah… true dat.

  10. I will be bathing in baby oil tonight.

    • Be careful not to slip in the tub.

  11. I stopped using eye makeup ages and ages ago and yes, baby oil did the trick. I still have greasy eye lids.
    Sheesh. I forgot about using baby oil all over after a bath, especially in winter. Why am I spending all this money on moisturizer when I can go back to baby oil. Thanks for the post, Nancy. I’m off to the drugstore, um, as soon as I warm up the car… :-D

  12. So that’s my problem. I thought it was because I’m Irish.

  13. oh this made me laugh. have you tried “all about eyes” by Clinique? I swear by it. “god damn it.” seriously. it’s good stuff. at least I keep telling myself that my bags and lines are disappearing. I use oil free eye make-up remover and then I apply this stuff liberally. I swear I am getting years younger in my eye area. (either that or Clinique is making a lot of money off my hopeful gullibility.) please don’t tell me it’s the latter.

  14. sunshinebright

    Good idea. I’ve been using eye cream to keep my eyelids and under-eye areas soft. It sure is cheaper than all the over-the-counter creams.

  15. Will baby oil do anything for an old geezer like me?

  16. I use to use baby oil all the time (including that iodine trick). I got away from it after a couple of years working in TV. The makeup artists always used baby wipes to get the massive amounts of makeup off the guests and I started using them too. I suppose if they are baby wipes they might have some built in baby oil.

  17. I am also guilty as charged! Interesting! I wonder if any young mother’s use it on their babies or if it is just the 50-something year olds who buy the most? Survey says…

  18. Hm. I wish I’d known about that thirty years ago when it was still early enough to prevent my Grand-Canyon crowsfeet. On the up side, since it’s already too late for me, the pressure’s off… ;-)

  19. I love the stuff, bath in it. Better than anything else for soaking. Glad you solved your problem.

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