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Your New Hues

Because I am addicted to Fashion  – and because I get a ton of junk emails just loaded with useless information –I have the scoop on the hot colors for this autumn.

The hottest of the hot is Burnt Orange.  (Yup, Burnt is hot).  This year it is softer and ‘dustier’ than last year’s orange. I’m not exactly sure how. Maybe some ashes got mixed in with the burnt part. Stylists are recommending that you wear Burnt Orange with navy. I’d have to agree. You can only wear orange with black on one day of the year. And if you wear it with brown you may look like your mother’s sofa from the seventies.

Next is Eggplant. Eggplant is very big this fall. According to the experts (also called the junk-mail senders), Eggplant is serious. Somber even. The problem with Eggplant (according to me, and I am an expert and, if not a junk-mail sender, I’m sometimes a junk-mail forwarder) is that it can make you look unhealthy. If you are dark-skinned you may look a bit gray – and gray is NOT a hot color this fall – although Titanium made the runners-up list. Titanium skin may not be the best choice, however. And if you are fair-skinned, or with the fading remnants of your summer tan, then Eggplant may make your skin look like the inside of the Eggplant. So stick with your lower half for your Eggplant color. Make sure your legs aren’t eggplant-shaped though. That could be unfortunate.

Venetian Red made the list this year.  Did you know there are 285 shades of red? Looking at the Pantone color charts, I would describe Venetian Red as… umm… Red.  Red is nice. Go for it.

Primrose Yellow is chic.  This sounds like a sweet, cheerful color. But the experts describe it as Mustard. Now Ketchup is flattering (see Venetian Red above). Even Pickle Relish can be charming (though not on the list). But Mustard?  Not unless you are playing “Clue.” And my idols, The Beatles, certainly didn’t think much of it.  If you are determined to wear it, go with French’s, and not Grey Poupon.

Three Blues are on this Fall’s list.

Deep Teal is cool. It’s hard to describe, though. Blue, almost green, with a bit of black. No, wait. I’ve got it. Think “Old Bruise.”

And there’s Royal Blue. Worn with Black, according to the Fashionistas.  I can see this, but I can also see “Dallas” – and not the new 2012 TV show.  I see Sue Ellen Ewing, 1981.

My favorite is Cerulean. Cerulean Blue is a deep turquoise. Very complimentary to every complexion.  Like Royal Blue, you can check it out on TV, as it’s worn by a big star, every day. Marge Simpson. Though you may want to choose Cerulean for your sweater, not your hair.

Finally, there’s Peach. Peach is trendy. Peach is “The New Neutral,” whatever that means. I like Peach, and it can be very flattering to your skin.  A personal word of caution:  You may want to skip Peach if your skin is also peachy. With the fashion trend this year towards colorful jeans –and with a closeout deal that I couldn’t pass up – I ordered a pair of peach cords from my favorite online store. They look pretty good up close. From a distance however, they look like I forgot to put on my pants.



  1. so glad I’m a guy

  2. Thank you so much for the fashion update. I am so out of it and now am so much more informed on what condiment is in this year! :-)

  3. Bonnie

    the colors aren’t too bad. I am so glad that brown is heading out. I truly hated the combo of brown and light teal that was so fashionable the last few years.

  4. a word of caution from a fellow fashionista/occasional spam email forwarder. venetian red, primrose yellow, and peach. hmm. that *could* say “i am a giant hot dog” if you are not careful.

  5. Fun post. I need all the fashion help I can get!

    I hear Oxblood is the color of fall. I am assuming that is the same as Eggplant, but really, I’ve never actually seen an ox bleed, so I cannot be sure. I think I may have purchased a pair of pants in something like eggplant blood last night, so I hope to be set for this fashion season.

    It can all be so confusing, especially when you are in a fitting room doing jumping jacks and assuming yoga poses all in an effort to get the skinny jeans over your knees.

    That’s what I wrote about on this Fashion Friday. Come over for a visit if you get the chance, because like I said, I need all the help I can get. :-)

    • Your post is Hilarious. I’m liking the skinny jeans now that I am skinnier myself. But there’s a limit: If they need a zipper at the ankle to get your foot in, then they are probably too young for you.

  6. I keep picturing a burnt orange sweater with your peach pants and it makes my eyes squinch up. No peach pants for me!

    • My peach pants will be for lounging at home only. I’m thinking my husband may think the sort-of-naked look is sexy, but I’ll still toasty-warm in my flesh-colored cords.

  7. Think “Old Bruise.” That’s all I needed to envision that color…!

  8. Laurie MacKellar

    My stepmother loves burnt orange so I will get her something to wear for Christmas. Eggplant and gray would look great together. Cedillas – I was watching Devil Wears Prada last week and the topic of cerulean came up – it was a pivotal scene. The entire system and structure of the fashion industry was pared down to a few sentences by Meryl Streep, using cerulean as an example.

  9. Thank you for the laugh! My boys are on vacation with the Other parent and I am a bit lonely and the laugh was jUST what I needed. They are in Australia and their normal skin tone is Inside Of A Very Pale Eggplant. I hope they don’t come back Burnt Orange!

  10. I was interested to here, a few years ago, that the new “hot” colors for home decor were sage, saffron and poppy…which happened to be the exact same old, stale Avocado Green, Harvest Gold and that burnt red color that were all the rage in the 70’s!

    • Ah, but the new names for these colors are SO much more stylish.

  11. I’ve been permanently scarred by the colour “peach”. Decades ago, a friend chose peach-coloured taffeta for her bridesmaids’ strapless dresses.

    I’m tall. That means “back row for the photo shoot”. The taffeta was almost exactly the same colour as my skin. You can’t see the dress at all in most of the pictures, so I look like some deranged pervert lurking naked and grinning behind the happy couple. The things we do for our friends…

    • I don’t suppose that was the impression you were going for.

      • No, not so much. I’ll admit to “deranged”, and occasionally to “pervert”, but I really try to avoid public nudity.

    • I am so sorry, did your friend see you as the best looking of the Bridesmaids’ and potentially outshining her as well? This could explain the selection, she wanted to insure you looked horrible in all the wedding pictures?

      • LOL! No, I doubt it – she was beautiful. I think it’s just a law of nature that bridesmaids’ dresses must be unflattering. :-)

  12. I’m glad I’m not fashionable. I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes every year. Enjoyed your post, though. Funny as usual. And love your art work!

  13. So glad I already love the base colors –

    burnt orange, love it!
    eggplant, own it and I mean I own it when I wear it. This is a great color.
    Red, bring it on I wear all shades.
    Blues, deeper the better though I like the blue / greens.

    Your walk through fashion is wonderful. I love having you as a tour guide. Thanks, it is good to know that at least for a season I will be dipping my toes in high fashion.

    • You are this season’s fashion queen!

  14. Wait just a minute. I am ahead! I bought a great pair of teal pants last year. I thought I had made a fashion faux pas or that nobody would recognize me because I am so rarely in fashion. I’m guessing that the Myans messed up on the date, because hell will probably freeze over before I become a trendsetter.

  15. I had a pair of burnt orange shoes when I was 15 — they were shiney and had buckles and although they wound horrible they were so cool–at least to my 15 year old self

  16. they sound not wound

    • I can’t even picture shiny orange buckle shoes….

      • sound awful, but they were cute – remember they were burnt orange so looked kind of coppery

  17. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    You could rename those peachy jeans “camouflage”.

  18. Dor

    Isn’t black always in? Black’s the only color that makes me feel thin. You are my favorite fashionista and I value your opinion.

  19. A close friend was wearing an expensive jacket in a yellowish-Olive green. Beautifully cut and expensive, I could tell it was well made, but the tone sapped any color from her lovely little face.

    Enthusiastically she asked if I liked the jacket. I did like it – the cut that is – but I told her “that’s the color you wear on a Thursday if you want to call in sick on Friday.” Good friends do that for each other :)

    Fun post!

    • I just read that anyone who looks good in puce looks better in not-puce.

      • ha ha ha ha! Yes puce is not flattering to anyone!

        • Puce is actually brownish-red or brownish-violent. In other words, eggplant or dark ginger. Or lighter versions of those colors.

          • You are correct. Puce was the color in the quote I remembered, but Chartreuse was the color I was thinking of.

  20. dragonhavn (@dragonhavn)

    reminds me of a line in a favorite romance. The gentleman has just told the heroine that he likes her better than her sister and her thoughtful comment was a thank you, but you chose puce … (which on a gentleman of the period with a somewhat florid countenance was probably not a good choice) … yeah, i could probably tell you what was “in” during the regency period in England better than what is now … so not doing well on the fashion front. LOL. Great post.

  21. This was hilarious! I’ve always mostly ignored the fashion industry’s demands that we all change our wardrobes to match their latest proclamation. What annoys me most about colors is when I’m looking at items in catalogs that are labeled with colors such as “Dawn Cloud” or “Whisper.” What the heck is that? Even looking at the photos I often can’t decide which is which!

  22. Royal blue and black ala Sue Ellen of Dallas …SO true and funny. I can just see it with enormous shoulder pads.

    • You know who else? Alexis Carrington – “Dynasty”!

  23. You could get a job at Vogue, easy! (you sound just like that lady in the Devil Wears Prada) Think I may skip Eggplant and Peach…I like jewel colours.

    • I am so ready for Vogue! Do they go to the Demolition Derby for their corporate outing?

  24. ‘peach is the new neutral’ – great tip! It does sounds very ‘Devil Wears Prada’.

  25. My mom went wild when she realized that turquoise is back in style this year! She suggests to everyone to buy something in turquoise by saying, “It is a magical color.” I am beginning to believe she is right! On another note, when I think of royal blue and black as a color combination, I also think of shoulder pads and feathered hair. Hello 80s. Thanks for arriving in this century but please leave stirrup pants in the vault. ;)

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