Nancy Roman

It’s My Party……………………… And I’ll Photoshop If I Want To

Today’s my birthday.

The day I have to change my “About” page.  Since I started my blog in July, it has read “I’m sixty” – but today it says “I’m sixty-one.”

I guess I need to change my blog photo too.

I’ve been proud of that photo. I took it exactly one year ago. I thought I looked pretty good for sixty. And I bragged that it wasn’t Photoshopped. Although I did admit to taking quite a few shots to get one I liked (less than two hundred, though).

So it’s only right that I change to a picture of me at sixty-one.

Again, I did not take more than two hundred shots to get a nice picture. As an math-minded accountant, that means I take one nice picture one-half-of-one-percent of the time. At 61, I think that’s acceptable. Photogenic, even.

You may discern that this photo is a little less focused than the earlier pic. And to that I say,


And what’s more, my photos will become increasingly unfocused with each passing year, until I am a vague blur of what might be a very attractive woman.

I swear though, it isn’t Photoshopped. No siree.  No Photoshop for me. I used

And all I did was very very slightly lighten the shadows under my eyes. Hardly at all.  I can show you the original photo to prove how minutely I changed it.

But I won’t. It’s my birthday and it is impolite of you to even ask.

It’s still me. It looks just like me. Just softer.

I couldn’t help wondering, though, whether just a little Photoshop is acceptable at sixty-one. Just a little. I deserve it.

It’s my birthday.



  1. Ummmm…. I prefer the un-photo shopped one!
    Happy, happy birthday!

  2. Kay

    Do you have Lightroom? I’m kind of bad on Photoshop, but on Lightroom, I’m a wiz! I can whiten teeth and soften skin. I can take off little moles or zits or those whatever-they-are’s. I can give skin a rosy glow, or more of a healthy tan. I love it!

    I love you, too, if you are 60 or 61. You are beautiful.

    • Oh… I am SOOO getting Lightroom!

  3. You’re lovely at any age and without editing. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Nancy!!! You look maaaahvelous, as always (in all three pictures, hee!).

    I got a LONG overdue professional cut last week, and actually put different hair on my head using software, and BROUGHT THE PICTURES TO THE SALON — how bad is that?!

  5. Happy, happy birthday. Don’t try to photoshop what is already perfection.

  6. Happy birthday! The real you looks spectacular (don’t go blonde)!

  7. Happy Birthday, Nancy! I like your unphotoshopped photo – you look FANTASTIC!

  8. Happy birthday! Your new photo is very nicely done, but I don’t think you really need that much “soft-focus”. You look great! (The real you is much more attractive than the “blonde bombshell” version.)

  9. Happy Birthday Nancy! I need some tips on how to look as great as you when I’m 60. I’m 51 and a half and this has been the year everything has gone to hell. Plus it’s February in Michigan. Need I say more? Have a wonderful day and do something for you!

    • Good genes, no kids, and a lot of product.

  10. Happy birthday, you awesome-looking 61 year old! The blonde version is nice, but needs something more–a glass of wine and mirror ball, perhaps? But I’m with the others who prefer the non-photo-shoped version. Be who you are and save the wig for really special (private) moments!

  11. Happy Birthday! You look lovely the way you are. I think it’s the big smile that makes you look like a fun person. If you want to go blonde occasionally, buy a Dolly Parton wig. I’ve been thinking of doing that just for kicks and giggles!

  12. pharphelonus

    LOL. Happy birthday Nancy.

  13. Happy Birthday. You look fabulous. No photoshop necessary!

  14. Who is that terrifying blonde? I like the first two…

  15. Susan Ritchie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANCY…….I always liked you “warm and fuzzy”.

    Wish I could be with you – we could celebrate the way we used to – 7 or 8 kids trying to blow out candles, all at the same time.

    Have a happy day.

  16. Happy birthday, Nancy! If I were photoshopping I wouldn’t stop with just touching up my looks, I’d add, Benjamin Bratt, George Clooney or Mark Feuerstein to the picture.

    • Oh – Great Idea! Me and James Taylor….

  17. Happy birthday!

  18. I would never guess you were more than forty-five or fifty. Looking good, babe!

  19. I forgot to give you a present: Hope you like it! If you don’t, here’s another:

    • Fabulous! I love the first video..which I have never seen or heard this song before… And as for the Beatles. Today (Feb 9) is the 48th anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. My thirteenth birthday and one of my sweetest memories.

      • LOVE Trip Around The Sun! And I also remember the Beatles’ first appearance on the really big show. What a special 13th birthday present for you!

  20. Funny post and it hits home. Even the teens doctor their photos, so why not us? Also try photobucket. The have a feature called wrinkle cream that works great and its free. My only fear now is someone seeing me in person. :)

  21. Happy Birthday, youngster!
    LIbby Lu

  22. Happy Birthday, you gorgeous lady! Can I be you? Just “borrow” your picture for a bit? Aww, okay, I’d probably freak at the wolf whistling, so I’ll just admire from afar! :)

  23. You still look “Yummy” even at six-one gurl.


    • If I were twenty I might be offended by that word…. at 61, ‘yummy’ is delicious. Thanks.

  24. happy birthday! and the last pic is a *bit* creepy. stick with the vague one. vague is the new sharp. ;o)

  25. Happy B-day, Nancy; you great at whatever your age is! But I’m not sold on the Photoshopped blonde version. Nope, you look more real the way you are naturally!

  26. Happy Birthday Nance! You look good at any age…besides isn’t you blog supposed to being about aging gracefully. No photoshop!

  27. Happy Birthday, Helen Hunt!

  28. You look great. I’m all for the untouched up look…why deny the age that makes us so savvy, sexy and delightfully mature?

  29. Happy Birthday! You look wonderful just like a 61 year old woman should look, happy.

    I will be 64 next month and I am fine with it–1 more year and Medicare kicks in…

    • I am about the happiest person I know. Thanks.

  30. You don’t look a day over 50!

  31. You are lovely. I also prefer the unphotoshopped version. You share a birthday with my younger sister who turns 60 today!!! Happy birthday!!!

    • Happy birthday, slightlyyoungergirlnewtricks!

  32. You share a birthday with my girl…I think you will find you have a lot in common! She donned a “new do,” too. Hope this gives you a nice birthday smile. :)

    • Oh… you are so right! Your birthday princess is EXACTLY like me!

  33. If I could be so lucky to look this good at 50 let alone 60. Happy birthday! I hope you feel as lovely as you are!

  34. Hope you had a good birthday. You look very young. Lucky you. Take care and enjoyed your writing, too. :-)

  35. Hope you had a great birthday!

  36. You’re right. You can do whatever you want on your birthday. But…keep the brown locks and forget about Photoshop. Happy birthday.

  37. Dor

    60 or 61, you are adorable… no touch ups required.

  38. Happy happy (belated) birthday. You’re an inspiration to me as to how to grow older with humor and grace!!!

  39. Picknik is gone!

  40. I meant “Picnik” is gone.

    • I know, and I really liked Picnik. I now use – it’s not quite the same, but it works.

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