Nancy Roman

Not Picky, Just Discriminating

This is the bravest post I’ve published so far.

Because I am displaying eight (!) photos of myself, all unflattering. In none of these photos am I the oh-so-young looking, semi-adorable sixty-year-old.  No, I’m just your average sixty-year-old.  Way too average.

But in my defense, I was just out running errands with my husband. It’s interesting how every time I run errands with him we end up at the Italian bakery.  But I digress.  I digress from the subject of ME.  Anyhow, I wasn’t dressed up, my hair wasn’t washed, and the lighting was harsh.  I’m really very cute. I really am.  For sixty.

We had stopped at the optician to see if they could make prescription sunglasses for my husband. He’s smitten with sunglasses with a blue mirrored tint. So while he was haggling mightily (which is his third favorite thing after blue mirrored lenses and Italian cookies). I tried on glasses.

I wear contact lenses. I wear them from when I step out of the shower until I am ready for bed. I never wear glasses. But I like to try them on. I could one day stumble on a pair of glasses that will make me look stunning and smart. I would love a quirky, nerdy-chic look. Because I have a girl-crush on Diane Keaton.

I tried on quite a few pair. Some styles I loved and some I hated. There were hundreds of different frames to choose from. I took out my cell-phone and hit that little reverse thing on the camera and took pictures of me with the various styles. I figured I could look at the photos later and determine objectively if there was a style that would make me want to wear glasses again. 

But here’s the crazy thing.  When I got home and checked the pictures, they were ALL EXACTLY THE SAME!

I swear every pair was different. I swear that I loved some and hated some. There were good ones and bad ones. But how am I supposed to know what glasses to buy, if I can’t even tell the good ones from the bad ones?


  1. RVingGirl

    OK, so you were not at your best. Kudos to you for posting these. And I agree all the glasses look the same. weird hey? but you are cute, no matter what. I one day took a real close up photo of myself with bad hair and no make up. then I went to perform the miracle and did myself all up and took another photo. I did look WAY better but still not magazine cover material. When I noted the difference, I vowed never to go out the door without make up etc. again. that lasted exactly ONE WEEK. hah! I am 62 and PROUD of it.
    GREAT post again…………

  2. I like #5 and 6. Maybe you can turn this into a poll to help you decide. Good idea to take pictures and then take time to decide. I hate making wrong decisions.

  3. They do all look the same. The shape is nice but I’d try a lighter colored frame.

  4. Bravo. Your are, indeed, very brave and cute . . . cute for any age. The glasses, not so much. Contacts are the way to go. Obviously, we can add smart to the list.

    • I agree. I’m stickin’ with contacts

  5. They do look remarkably similar, but that just means that you’re *decisive*. It’s a gift to be able to focus in on the look you want. It also explains why women need multiple pairs of more-or-less-identical black shoes. :-)

  6. Isn’t it wonderful that we can recognize the great things about ourselves regardless of how they might appear from time to time ? We all have stellar, oh my goodness I’m fabulous, my hair will never look better moments. This is the way I choose to see or remember myself on those not so great, oops forgot makeup, why is my hair sticking up that way days :). I’m glad to read that you remember those days too. The glasses ? Too wide for your delicate face. You’ve got big beautiful eyes and lovely cheekbones. Show them off ! Be daring. Try something on you’ve never tried before. You’d never posted pictures before today either :)

  7. I have to agree with you, the frames are all similar: rectangular, and softly rounded at the outer corners. But I think I like the last pair best. :)

  8. But smaller, these are too heavy.

  9. It isn’t your imagination–the frames look similar because the manufacturers decide on the “newest” style and produce (=sell) frames with the same general shape, with only bling or color distinguishing them! (Think clothing designs.)

    I have made a (frustrated) study of this in my quest for frames. First, you want me to pay HOW MUCH for 6 pieces of plastic? Second, they all look alike.

    I solved my dilemma by searching in junque/antique stores and found a pair of 1950-1960s cat eye’s for 25 smackeroos! You wouldn’t believe the compliments! Maybe they’re just stunned by the apparition and can’t think of anything nice to say! >:-D

    You’ll find some–do what Elizabeth says and try on something really different! After all, glasses are another accessory!

    • What a fabulous idea! I bet old ones last longer too – better made.

  10. When I had to graduate from readers to “real” glasses, I obsessed forever on picking frames. Never have worn contacts and too scared to try it. I have several pairs of glasses in different colors– another accessory!

  11. What do mean cute–for 60? You are cute–period.

    Glasses are a pain to choose. I wore contacts for years but now wear glasses. The hardest part of choosing frames, for me, is the fact I can’t see without my glasses on. A problem but I try a gazillion frames on then get tired of doing that and just pick something and get it over with. So far it has worked out ok.

    • With contacts, I can see what I really look like in glasses. And that’s the problem, right there.

  12. I think you have just stumbled onto a new game application for people’s ‘i’ things–iPad, iPod, etc–kind of your own version of Where’s Waldo! You post multiple pictures of you in glasses like these ones–only hundreds of photos all together–and then people (who will pay $3.99 for your game app) will have to spot the differences between the frames you’re wearing!!! Brilliant! And no, I won’t charge you a commission for coming up with this great money-making idea for you. Consider it my gift. LOL

    • Great idea! The crazy thing is that I really did think they were different when I was trying them on.

  13. PLEASE, I just noticed that I have more clicks on those photos than I have had for any other post! PLEASE, don’t click! I made those terrible photos tiny for a REASON! Don’t enlarge – I beg you!

    • Haha–too late for that now! Begging and pleading will do you no good whatsoever!

  14. Brave soul. I think people are clicking so they can see the difference in glasses!

  15. I really can’t tell much of a difference which pretty much says I should be looking into glasses too.

  16. Good grief! You call that average? We’re both 60. How come I look like I’m either 70 or a weird Australian Turtle?

    You look good to me! (In the purely platonic, cyber-relationship sort of way!). :mrgreen:

  17. I think you look like a feakin’ beauty queen compared to pictures I’ve taken in similar situations. Did you see that one of me stuck on the zipline? That was locked away in a vault until my children accused me of not being authentic if I wrote a story about ziplining and didn’t produce the picture (“Once Upon a Time”). Did you know that the height of mortification was when someone Googled “fat people on zip line” and got directed to my story. :( :( :(

  18. Well, you have a point about them all looking kind of alike to me. They all look good, so you can’t go wrong! ;)

    • Or I know it will be bad no matter which I pick.

  19. You are very brave to put so many pictures of yourself in the post. I have deliberately not ever included a photo of myself on my blog. But you look cute…..I would look—scary.

    Oh, and etomcyk— :)

  20. I agree with the other posters that those frames are all too much for your features. I bet you’d look incredible with a pair of rimless glasses (like Sarah Palin: the one thing I like about her) or a light coloured wire frame.

    I bought my last pair from Clearly Contacts, which meant I didn’t get to try them on before I ordered them. I swear I paced beside my mailbox for ten days, waiting for the darn things to arrive.

    I applaud your bravery at posting photos!

  21. #4 looks sorta like what a Diane Keaton crusher would wear….of course, store lighting, always a fail but at least you entertained us and that’s a :)
    I like your girl-crush on Diane!

  22. I think our capitalist consumer culture tricks us into thinking products are different when they are, in fact, all the same. View your photoshoot as uncovering hypocrisy in our society.

  23. I think the last pair looks the best, but I agree that some rimless ones would look even better. It is kind of ironic, isn’t it, that many of us choose glasses while we are actually unable to see them very well.

  24. As an older woman I will give you some advice about buying glasses.

    Buy the cheapest frames that you like!

    Problem solved.

  25. It IS brave to post pics where you don’t think you are at your best. Sometimes when I run errands, I look so “average schlumpy mom” that people ask if I am unwell. Really.

    Also, I may have to steal your idea (with credit, of course) and post some pics of what I really look like without primping, posing and hydraulic undergarments.

    • It’s true bravery. I am already sorry.

    • wait! hydraulic undergarments????!!!!

  26. Let’s call it braving new territory—trying on the glasses, that is. I finally had to find new frames for real and I was truly frustrated. Stay with the contacts as long as you can. I like the antique store idea posted. Either go that way or Sarah Palin copy cats. I think they’d look great on you.

  27. Ha! That’s great! You’re right they do all look similar, but I can see some differences… I think I like #4 the best.

  28. Androgoth

    I don’t know if my opinion is relevant or not but I think a much more dainty frame would be better for you, of course I am no expert in spectacles and of course preference is a personal viewpoint but these eight just don’t suit you at all if I am honest, not that I am being discourteous or anything as you are indeed very nice, it is the spectacles that I am referring to in my observation.

    You know contact lenses are great but with a nice pair of spectacles it would make a pleasant alternative, anyway the quest can continue until you find the most perfect frames or you can use your contacts. For what it is worth I think you were brave to offer these photographs but not in the sense that you are unsightly, no on the contrary I mean because not many women, or men for that matter add their true picture on these blogging arenas and that is a real shame I think. Have a lovely rest of evening now my friend.


    • Thanks… I think I’ll stick with contacts. And as for publishing my photo – my blogs about me, so anyone who reads me might as well know what I look like.

      • Androgoth

        Yes I agree my friend and do keep blogging as for what I have read so far you have much to offer this fine networking community and you have many friends here that is for sure…

        Have a lovely rest of day and equally a super evening also :)


  29. My son just got his first pair of glasses at 9. We spent a LONG time trying on glasses to find the perfect pair. I told him he should get two because at 9 I anticipate breaking and losing a few pairs. To me? They look EXACTLY alike. He assures me they are different, but they look exactly the same.

  30. gingerR

    The second pair did look too big. #4 is my pick. They’ve got a little “uplifting” curve to them :)


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