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The Patron Saint of Nonbelievers

I used to describe myself, as “Spiritual, but not religious.” That sounded so nice, but it really had no meaning. I wasn’t a worshipper of spirits or a believer in any other-worldly things. I guess that, loosely translated, it meant that I was a moral person, because I knew that I was happier good than …

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Secret Agent

I am a hoarder of confidential information. You may think I don’t have many secrets – after all, I have shared my colonoscopy with you. And you’ve read about my bad boyfriends, my bad haircuts, my bad habits, my bad career choices. And you’ve met every member of my family, past and present – who …

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The Horrible, Though Imaginary, Family Secret

My maternal grandparents came to the US from Poland before World War I. They came separately – they didn’t meet until they were here for several years. As a matter of fact, my grandfather met and married someone else first, a young woman who died in the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918. I don’t know …

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I’ve Changed My Mind

About eight years ago, my husband and I moved to the country. Okay, not “country’ country. We’re one mile from the highway. But it’s a very second-rate highway. And there’s a sheep farm down the road. And watching those sheep, and driving around our little patch of rural Connecticut, I have been overcome with desire. …

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Since I am committed to  Improving My Perfections, it is probably not a surprise to you that I love Self-Help stuff. Books, articles, TV shows.  I want to learn the True Secret of  Eternal Happiness, and I am sure someone must have found it, and would like to make money off of it.  And I …

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Entertainment Tonight

Heaven forbid I should ever criticize anyone’s taste. Different things appeal to different people, and who am I to say one preference is better than another? Except. My husband’s taste in TV. Now that I spend all evening with my laptop writing my blog or designing outfits on Polyvore (and I have a 10th place …

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The Family Album

Last year, I wrote that I am among the most patient people in the world. (Just You Wait) I love traffic jams and long lines at the grocery store.  For me, waiting is permission to be lazy. The plane is late?  Great. I have an excuse to do nothing. It’s not my fault. But I …

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Filler – (While Distracted)

I have a new obsession that is stealing all my time away from blogging. I am going to blog about it. But right now I am too busy with my latest time-waster to find the time to blog about my latest time-waster. Give me a little while to let boredom creep in, and I’ll be …

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It Lingers Still

Ah, Christmas is so wonderful.  You just want it to go on and on. And it does. Picking up after Christmas can take you right into February. Four years ago, I convinced my husband that we should buy an artificial pre-lit tree. He loves real trees. He was not enthused. But I convinced him that …

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The Evil Trickster

After twenty-two years of loyal service, our precious scale died just before Christmas.  It stayed the loving companion to the end – expiring with the sweetest gesture a scale has ever delivered.  With its last dying breath, it said I weighed 87 pounds. My husband buried it in the cellar – because he can’t throw …

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