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Cats and Dogs

When I was a little girl, I believed – for much longer than I should admit – that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. I believed this despite the fact that when I was about five I had a dog named Daisy. But I never for one minute believed that Daisy was …

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Carry That Weight

Genius, they call it. And I cannot disagree. This little gadget I can carry in my purse or tuck under my pillow or in my desk drawer so I can sneak a few paragraphs when I am supposed to be on a conference call…. . Oh, I resisted for a long time. I like books. …

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I rarely post poetry from my other blog (“With Resistance”) here on “Not Quite Old.” But we’ve been discussing favorite actresses in my last several posts (Like Diane Lane).  And most recently I shared my love for Audrey Hepburn.  My movie-star infatuation reminded me of some of my other Hollywood crushes. Which reminded me of …

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Cry Me A River

I was about ten when I discovered my forever idol. Audrey Hepburn. From that first discovery until today, Audrey embodies everything I ever wanted to be like. Graceful, elegant, kind. But especially everything I wanted to look like. The gorgeous doe eyes, strong brows, expressive mouth with the most perfect lips. And the bone structure, the long …

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The Local Church Ladies Could Hold A Better Raffle

I may be able to write a blog, a novel, and a poem. I may be able to formulate a three-year-plan for the nursery business and negotiate insurance coverage. I may be able to bake a loaf of babka. I may be able to match my blush to the perfect shade of lipstick. I may …

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What It Looks Like

In my last post, I described a fictitious (but totally plausible) conversation of younger women’s view of older women. Their view: Old women are OLD. But it’s perfectly natural. When I was ten, someone twenty was old. And then forty seemed really old when I was twenty. And although I abhor those women I wrote …

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I noticed over the last year or so that my favorite catalogs have changed. Or perhaps I have. There are two retailers in particular where I used to buy almost all my clothes. They were stylish but age-appropriate. What I used to call “Classic with a side of Funk.” But I have been gradually and …

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Row Row Row Your Boat

This Sunday, my husband and I took advantage of the nice weather to take our little rubber boat out to the local lake to paddle around. I never know exactly how much makeup to wear on occasions like this.  Certainly I need a little blush over my sunscreen. And a touch of lipgloss. But then …

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This week my husband and I took our annual micro-vacation. Neither of us likes to be away from home too long – for me, because I can’t bear to be without all my clothes and makeup and hair products, and for him, because he is afraid the pets will pine for him. Sure enough, I …

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Public Service Announcement

In honor of blueberry season – we’ve been picking for three weeks and our big freezer is almost full – I am re-posting last year’s Public Service Announcement.   BLUEBERRY PICKING RULES I went blueberry picking today.  Late-season, late-in-the-afternoon is just the way I love it. The air is still, the rows of bushes straight …

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