Gracefully Aging – With Resistance

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This weekend I attended a party where I did not know anyone other than my husband and the hosts. This is not my kind of party. I am self-conscious and uncharacteristically shy around strangers.  People have told me that my shyness often comes off as conceit. It’s because…well …because… honestly… Because I AM conceited. And …

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The Conspiracy

Summer re-run: Here’s a reprise from when I first started blogging. But I wasn’t doing illustrations back then, so at least the drawing is new.   THE CONSPIRACY I have a theory for everything.  Some of my theories are what my family calls “out there”, but I have one theory that has abundant evidence supporting …

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My Life – In Chocolate

I’ve been feeling guilty all week. Because I wrote so lovingly about ice cream several days ago. And neglected the other love of my life: Chocolate. I’m sorry, Chocolate. I love you too. So here is a history of my romance with Chocolate. The first chocolate I remember is a Hershey bar. My grandmother (Babci …

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Ice Cream Memories

My husband had to go pick up a part for his show car tonight. It’s an hour’s drive to the special store. (There’s a better name for this parts place, but I don’t know what the technical term is – “Expensive Shit Emporium”, maybe.) Anyway, Hubby didn’t want to make the two-hour round trip by …

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Looking Good

The other day I was getting ready for work, and my hair and makeup came out especially nice – very rare indeed. And I loved what I was wearing, which was just a black v-neck long-sleeved tee (but that’s my favorite thing to wear with jeans). So after I made the bed, I documented my …

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That Much Better

I love small pleasures. The little things in life charm me more than the big once-in-a-lifetime surprises. Mostly because once-in-a-lifetime is too seldom. But I can experience small joys every day. Like the ivy that grows on the building I work in.     Or blueberries.   I love blueberries. And I have blueberries for …

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Blurb Time!

I did it!  I finished my book! I’ve drafted and re-drafted and edited and re-edited.  and I’m done.  Time to move to my next step. My cover designer (how cool is that???? – I am going to have a cover!) reminded me on Sunday that even though it is extremely cool to have a cover, …

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The More You Toot, The Better You Feel

This Father’s Day, I thought I would post some man-type humor. Farting. Yes, men think farting is utterly hilarious. And I have to admit, I often think so too. I think one of the funniest movie scenes in history is the campfire scene in “Blazing Saddles.” But only the concept of farting is funny. Not …

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Slimmer In Seconds

(A repeat from last year – now that Beach Season is here.)   Thank Goodness! My first trip to the beach this year was somewhat traumatic. But my next trip is going to be perfect. Because just sent me the most fantastic beach tips:  “How To Fake Slimmer In Seconds!” And it’s so easy! …

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Storage Space

We finally! (yes, that’s Finally with an exclamation point!) had a beautiful Sunday here in Connecticut. And so we took a nice drive in the convertible. We were headed towards the shoreline for a lobster dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Top down, the sun on my face (and kneecaps, I found out later), the …

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