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Sweating The Small Stuff

I’m not much of a worrier. I’m a basically optimistic person, and I tend to believe that everything will work out okay. And it usually does. And when it doesn’t, I mostly take it in stride, and wait for life to get better again. And it usually does. Of course, there is the Big Stuff …

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One Ringy-Dingy

After the humorous but mortifying story of shopping for my brother’s jock strap, I thought I would post a nice memory of my brother’s companionship. It comes at the end of this meandering trip down memory lane, so stroll on with me for 800 words or so. My brother was in high school when I …

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How To Embarrass A Teenager

In honor of my brother’s birthday, here’s a old post from 2011 – since how better to honor a sibling’s birthday than with the most embarrassing anecdote ever:   HOW TO EMBARRASS A TEENAGER   I don’t have kids of my own, and perhaps it takes a hell of a lot more these days to …

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Dad, The Annoying

Every year at this time, I remember my Dad’s birthday with a small tribute. I’ve discussed some of the things I loved about him (‘The Smartest Person’), and some of the things that he loved (“Of Tom Mix and Clam Chowder”). But my Dad was just a guy after all, and he could be just as annoying …

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Commercial Interruption

Will be back tomorrow with my regular silly nonsense….     But in the meantime: Now through Sunday, October 19:  Amazon is offering the Kindle version of my book for $0.99! This is a great time to try a brand new author!!   (namely, me) And the reviews are really good!  You could add one! …

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Who Me, Officer?

As I was driving home from Mom’s a few days ago, I rounded a curve and saw that some poor schmuck had been pulled over by a cop. Probably speeding, and although I felt sympathy for the hapless driver – (I’ve always loved that word -‘hapless’- who is that guy, and why has he no …

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Stop The Presses!!!!!

I’ve done several posts celebrating really good days. Today is another one! My local newspaper gave me a half-page interview (with photo that is not so hot, but I am overlooking that) on my new book. They interviewed me AS AN AUTHOR! I am an author. And a good one. Me. Really! Here’s the link, …

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Driving home from the small town that is bigger than the small town we live in – which is sort of like going to the Big City for lunch – we passed a housefront. A housefront is like a storefront for someone running a business out of a house. There are lots of those where …

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Wanna Go For A Ride?

Last week I wrote about cats and dogs, and I guess it was obvious to most people that I am a bit biased towards cats. It’s true enough. My husband and I have had a bunch of cats over the 25 years we’ve been together. As a matter of fact, I brought home a kitten …

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Just When You’re Ready To Strangle Them

A couple of nights ago, we were having dinner with some old friends. My husband has spent weeks under his classic car trying to get it ready for an upcoming show.  So Friend-Hubby volunteered to help. “That would be friggin’ great!” said Hubby enthusiastically. (I thought for a moment he might cry.) “I can come …

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