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The Huffington Post!!!

Happy News! My first Blog on the Huffington Post!!!! And on the very bottom of the page!  The BEST location!  (right?) Dear Hairdresser P.S.  Give me a “Like” on the post.  (If you do, that is….).  Huffpost counts all those little thumbs-up.

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The Bad Influence

This is a story of a childhood friend. But the story isn’t really about the friend, or about me, or even about friendship in general. When all is said and done, this is a story about my mother. Today is her 91st birthday, and this story is about the kind of mother and person she …

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Remembering Miss America

I read today of the death of Mary Ann Mobley, the former Miss America. I wrote about her in February 2013. Back in 1959, She was the most beautiful woman my eight-year-old eyes had ever seen.  Remembering that lovely woman and that hopeful child, Here’s that post: WHEN NINETEEN WAS FAR AWAY I’m sixty-two today. …

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An Excerpt And A Good Deal

Because everyone likes a good deal, and a little freebie…here’s an excerpt from my novel, “Just What I Always Wanted.” And the good deal is that you can purchase the Kindle Edition on Amazon for just 99 cents through Sunday, Dec 14.  *** “She’s home,” I whispered, though I didn’t know why I sounded guilty. …

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Paranormal Prowess

I love Facebook quizzes. Where else can you learn what your Hippie name should be? Or what other people find attractive about you?  Or who you were in a previous life?  Or what type of vegetable is truly your soulmate? And who knew that all these important insights could be gleaned by answering a few …

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Some of my friends have been posting old photos on Facebook for Throw-Back Thursday. It’s really cool to see those old pictures. I especially enjoy the photos of my newer friends – so sweet to see them as the teenagers I didn’t know. Like a flashback in a movie. A time machine that gives you …

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I Love Him. I Love Him Not.

Today’s my 23rd wedding anniversary.  In recognition of that special day, here’s my anniversary post from two years ago. I Love Him. I Love Him Not. Recently on a friend’s blog, I commented about romance. To those people still hoping to find everlasting love I gave this advice: “Don’t expect perfection. After many years of …

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Close Enough

Yesterday I went shopping. My husband came with me. This is not my preferred method of shopping. I like to shop alone. I like to take my time looking, trying on, comparing. I may return to the same store an hour later and try on an outfit again. This is my right. I don’t take …

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I Could Do That!

I received an interesting email yesterday. I believe it came from the same gentleman who needs me to help him get four million dollars out of Nigeria. Currently, he wants to employ my services to sue a client for breach of contract. I say, “Hell, yeah!” I want to do that. I want to sue someone. …

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Exaggeration is pretty standard in Marketing. “Puffery” it’s called.. Of course you are going to say your product is the best. Even regulatory agencies say that a certain amount of Puffery is perfectly acceptable. But with so many products and so many messages all screaming for our attention, it seems that Puffery is getting a …

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