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Close Enough

Yesterday I went shopping. My husband came with me. This is not my preferred method of shopping. I like to shop alone. I like to take my time looking, trying on, comparing. I may return to the same store an hour later and try on an outfit again. This is my right. I don’t take …

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I Could Do That!

I received an interesting email yesterday. I believe it came from the same gentleman who needs me to help him get four million dollars out of Nigeria. Currently, he wants to employ my services to sue a client for breach of contract. I say, “Hell, yeah!” I want to do that. I want to sue someone. …

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Exaggeration is pretty standard in Marketing. “Puffery” it’s called.. Of course you are going to say your product is the best. Even regulatory agencies say that a certain amount of Puffery is perfectly acceptable. But with so many products and so many messages all screaming for our attention, it seems that Puffery is getting a …

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Color Coordinated

I pride myself on having a very good eye for color. A classy love of monochromatic design, an understanding of bright and complimentary colors, and even a finely tuned ability to mix patterns with panache. I can discriminate between the subtle tone variations – a discriminating palate for the palette, so to speak. But many …

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Those Less Fortunate

I’ve always tried to be considerate of those who are less fortunate than myself. People are born with different levels of ability, and then there are environmental advantages or disadvantages that affect how well we all understand and perform. And so ordinary activities of daily living can be a challenge for those not as blessed. …

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Unhappy Childhood

I have always considered my childhood to be an extraordinarily happy one. Until yesterday. I was wandering around Pinterest and I came upon this:   And, oh my, I realized that I had a very unhappy childhood. Because I wanted a canopy bed so much. I wanted a canopy bed a lot more than I …

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Write-In Campaign!!

This being Election Day, it seems an appropriate day to ask my readers this week for a HUGE favor:  (besides voting… please vote!) This week- (Nov 3 -8) – Goodreads is accepting nominations for its Choice Awards for 2014. They allow write-in nominations, and the top FIVE vote-getters become official nominees. They combine votes with number …

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Not Guilty Pleasure, Just Guilty

The Guilty Pleasures I recently confessed to are harmless enough… just a lapse of taste rather than judgment. But we all do some things where our normal good conduct goes slightly awry. And confession is good for the soul. So let me confess to some slightly less than perfect behaviors:   Guilt Relief In Thirty …

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Book Giveaway!

Giveaway! Time to give away 2 signed copies of “Just What I Always Wanted!” Let’s make this giveaway in honor of Carlos, the story’s strange little dog. Comment with the name of your pet – real or imaginary – and at the end of the day, I will draw 2 names to win books! PS …

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Guilty Pleasures

Several years ago when I first joined Facebook  (maybe the word ‘joined’ isn’t quite right – how about ‘was sucked into’?), I thought that I was supposed to post interesting ideas and clever, intriguing thoughts. I didn’t know that all you had to do was post a iPhone photo of your dinner.   But life …

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